Monday, 2 March 2015

Today I Am Grateful For....

Today I am grateful for the health of my children.

On Friday Miss 6 was scheduled for day surgery.  Nothing serious, just a standard procedure.  We had to arrive at the hospital at 6.30am, be admitted, taken to our room and then the wait for her turn in surgery began.  We had a visit from the nurse looking after her, the surgeon, the anesthetist....

I had to answer what felt like endless questions about her medical history, her current health issues, right down to her date of birth and name!

The day was physical and mentally exhausting.  It was emotionally draining.  Between the waiting, the constant questions, the worrying and trying to remain upbeat for Miss 6's benefit I was completely worn out.

Keeping Miss 6's mind off surgery with funny pics!

During the course of the day I heard snippets of other people's problems as they discussed them with doctors and nurses.  There was the little girl with an unknown virus, her parents were none the wiser after days in hospital and multiple tests.  There was the young boy having plates and pins put in his broken arm.  There was a baby hooked up to machines and monitors.

It tugged at my heart strings to see so many sick children.  I really felt for the parents of the sick children...the waiting for answers, the not must be unbearable for them.  Mums and dads were doing tag team shifts at their childs' bedsides...trying to be with their child while keeping their family running on the outside of the hospital.

In recovery that day I felt so helpless when Miss 6 was in pain...I almost felt bad for letting the procedure happen....there were such mixed emotions. 

Poor Miss 6 in recovery

A dose of pain relief later she was back to her usual self and I felt a  bit better!  But it must be so hard for all of those parent to watch their children feeling sick or in pain.

Jelly and juice back on the ward

9 hours later, a long and tiring 9 hours, we were home.  Hubby had held the fort while we had been gone and all was well.  Miss 6 was seemingly unscathed by the experience and you would have been none the wiser had you not known what she's been through that day.

But the whole experience has made me ever so grateful for the good health of all  my girls. We have had a few broken bones and a few minor procedures....but nothing requiring long stretches in hospital, nothing that has really rocked our world.

I will say a prayer tonight for all those children who are still in hospital and for their parents and families too.....and I wish them all a full and speedy recovery.


  1. Really, really glad to hear that your Miss 6 is okay. It's so true, nothing is more important than the health of our kids. My dearest lifelong friend has cystic fibrosis so I grew up visiting the children's hospital when she was there, often for weeks at a time. I saw it from a kids point of view then, but I have parent's view now and my heart goes out to those mums and dads xx

    1. My heart goes out too. Thank you for stopping by Lisa x

  2. Aw hope she has recovered ok. I felt similar when we went back to visit the special care baby unit. Some seriously sick babies and worried/exhausted/emotional parents. We are so lucky #MummyMondays

    1. Miss 6 is back to her normal self!
      The special care baby many tiny is so sad. Thank you for stopping by Julia x

  3. Gosh it's so hard to see them have to go through things like this, isn't it? Even when it's minor and you know ultimately it's for the best! Glad to hear she's doing well x

    1. It is so hard Sasha, even when we know we are doing the right thing!