Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Survived the AGM

So last night was our primary school Annual General know, the one you hesitate about going to because you know it's likely that without even knowing it you are going to come home as president or fundraiser.

I headed off to the meeting with determination.....I was not going to leave that meeting with a position on the committee!!!

As 7.30pm rolled around the room was only filled with the existing committee members and two or three other people....I've been to enough AGM's to know that this was not a good sign!

A decision was made by the principal to go ahead with the meeting even though numbers were low (because the smart people stayed away lol !!!).

From there nominations for the now vacant positions started.   I was nominated for every position from President to Secretary to Treasurer!  Having just completed my three year stint as fundraiser that was about the only position that I was not nominated for....but believe me they even tried!!

But I stuck to my guns and replied with a cordial "No...but thank you!" to every. single. nomination!!!  Yay me!!

Part of me felt bad, felt like I was letting the rest of the team down, part of me felt like I would be missing out, part of me was already missing the social side of the P&F.....but the part of me that spends way too many hours doing all of the behind the scenes work....well that side of me stayed strong.

I have been a part of the Parents and Friends committee at our first primary school since Miss 17 started kindergarten and when we changed schools I joined the new P&F from the first meeting.  

I have cooked 500+ sausages for hungry kids on multiple occasions, I have purchased, ordered, wrapped, sorted and sold more mother's day and father's day gifts than I can remember, I have planned and run school garage sales, I have cooked so many hot dogs that I am permanently turned off ever eating another, I have co-ordinated school market days and fairs, I have planned hot food days involving hideous amounts of pizza, I've drafted note upon note, reminder after reminder!!!!

I have stayed up late counting money, I have been up early setting up.  And up until last year I have always done it with little ones in tow. I have been to P&F executive meetings and P&F general meetings, I have even taken newborns to the meetings with me (okay to be honest that mighta just been to get out of the house!!)

I have to admit that I love being involved in my girls schools, I love being there to see them and they love that I am there.  I have fond memories of my own mum being at canteen or doing the lamington drive (yes back in the day where the parents actually made the lamingtons...yum they were good! ) 

And I like achieving things that will benefit my children and the school, like fundraising for air conditioning and ipads etc.. 

But sometimes in doing things for your children and for the school you in actual fact have less time for your children at home!  As the deadline for pizza day approaches the time for home readers disappears, homework can be overlooked and library books become a lesson is speed reading!

But this is my year to take a break from the P&F committee.  My year to get our house in order...and hopefully my year to get a few things of my own happening (so watch this space!!)

First up on my list of things to do now that I am not on the P&F is a garage sale....the date is set and I have broken the wonderful news to hubby!  We always say we'll do one but never do....this time we will!!!

I know I will still be up at the school for reading groups and wrapping days etc....but a girls gotta have some social life doesn't she...!!

So do you find yourself on the P&F committee more often than not?
What positions have you held?  Have you avoided the AGM just to get out of it lol !!


  1. not a parent but a teacher - I always appreciate all the work our parents do. I'm so grateful for them. But I get it. I don't want to volunteer for committees either. I don't want to do extra duties. I need my space I get it ;)

    1. The teachers at our school are also hugely appreciative which is lovely! Yes to my little bit of space this year!!

  2. Wow I got tired just reading all that you’ve achieved and been involved with. I’m sure your girls will love having you around to just be with them at all these events. I was the Registrar for two years for our local netball club in one of the largest competitions in Sydney. It was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done - I hardly ever watched my girls play netball as I was running around looking after one thing or another. Congratulations on all that you’ve volunteered for and the hard work you’ve put in, and also for being able to say “no” for this year. x Chris

    1. haha it was exhausting doing it all too Chris!! Oh my gosh netball registrar would be a massive job...but I must say netball is so amazingly well organised!!

  3. Well done for sticking to your guns! I've just started in the big school system. I helped pick grapes at the p&c fundraiser - baby steps and enjoying it so far 😄

    1. lol watch out'll be president next hehe!!!!