Friday, 28 November 2014

4 weeks til Christmas

Oh my gosh that is so me....I need to get some serious shopping done !!!!!!

Less than 4 weeks til we go on holidays....and currently no planning or packing has been done...I work well under pressure so will probably get onto this the day before we go!!

And only 4 weeks til Christmas and I have only just made some Christmas present purchases...still so much to do!!!!!

The girls are writing their lists for Santa this weekend so that should give me some direction.....I hope!!  And yes, they all still write lists lol !!!

This week I hit the shops and came home with some beach towels and beach bag for some friends....and I've got to say I was pretty impressed with myself because they were all on sale!!!

But my favourite purchase this week is this Selfies is totally my Miss iPhone is overloaded with her selfies!!  And just for a laugh I bought her a selfie stick too!

The Selfies book is like a baby brag book/photo album designed just for your selfies.  Here's a look at a few pages....

 'Me'   'Me again'

 'Looking cute'    '#nofilter'

'In the mirror'    'Moi!'

Excuse the poor photography but I was trying to hide from everybody which is not easy in this house!!

Hubby thought this was such a classic present for Miss 13......I can't wait for Christmas day to see her face!!!

I bought this book for $24.95 from WOW Designer Giftware in Rouse can check out their Facebook page here.... be warned...they have so many awesome gifts!!   I could have stayed in there for hours!

I get a little over excited when I find such a good present!! So now I am one awesome present down...but still so many more to go!!

How's your Christmas shopping going?  What great gifts have you found this year?

Sunday, 23 November 2014

5 weeks til Christmas !!

Well Christmas is well and truly on the way...only 5 weeks to go....I've gotta admit I'm a little freaked out now!!  Still so much Christmas shopping to do....well in fact nearly all of it still to do!!  Pressies to be wrapped, menu to be prepared....oh and then there's the packing for our holiday!!!!

It is knowing that in just under 5 weeks from now that I will be looking out at this view for a week that is keeping me going with the school uniform washing, blouse ironing, lunch making....the Christmas concerts, the hot food day, my canteen duties, the homework, ALL OF IT!!!!!!!!

I think I'll have to make this beach pic my phone screen saver for the next few weeks to help get me by!

So this week I am a little bit focused on holidays....I saw this car seat organiser and thought that it would be great for Miss 6 to keep her entertained on the drive...even though it is only an hour and a half to our holiday destination.  In fact the amount of time that we spend in the car some weeks this would come in handy all year round.  I know a few friends with kids for whom this would make a great Christmas present!

Now since we are off to the beach for a few weeks swimwear is in order!  I love these rash vests from Sunuva in the UK....I love that they are long sleeves as I am one of those over protective mums at the beach...pretty insistent on the slip,slop, slap kind of thing!  I also love them because they are such bright colours...and when you are trying to keep track of five children at the beach or pool bright is good!

Now I am thinking that hubby and I might need to invest in two of these!!  Looks like a comfy way to supervise the kiddies...even has a drink holder and adjusts to multiple be careful not to nap on the job!

I am so looking forward to holidays....and Christmas !!!!

Are you getting excited about Christmas getting closer....or are you just getting freaked me !!!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

I know it is completely illogical but....

...I am convinced that something terrible will happen if I let my girls go to Wet and Wild...there you go I've as good as said it out loud now....

So yeah I know that this makes me a little bit crazy, neurotic even...but I can't help it...hear me out here...

For one thing Wet and Wild is man a deadline....what if in a mad rush to meet that deadline they didn't quite tighten every nut and bolt, what if there is a bolt jiggling its way loose as we speak...yes see... it is possible yes?

Oh and what about heat stroke...waiting in those never ending queues to even reach the rides there is a risk of dehydration, sun stroke...heat stroke is a medical emergency people!

And another thing....there is water there is everywhere....high risk of drowning when there is water....what if one of the girls hits their head and plummets below the waters surface...unconscious...and they are unseen by the crowds....yes what if...

Yes see I am not sounding so crazy now am I !!!!  Well maybe just a tad!  You can't blame me though...I'm a western suburbs girl through and through...water just isn't my thing...and don't even get me started on sand and the beach (I'll save that for another blog!!).

Sadly though Miss 13 has plans to venture out to Wet and Wild with her friends on the weekend and no matter what slightly ridiculous and unfounded phobias and fears that I may harbour I guess I'm just going to have to let her go....after I give her the talk about reapplying sunscreen every hour, drinking plenty of water, wearing her rash vest at all times, not speaking to any strangers, not going in the water for two hours after she eats...yeah you know that talk...and I think I'll throw in a phone call to the supervising mum to casually ask her to make sure my daughter doesn't drown at Wet and Wild....I might phrase it a bit more subtly than that though...what do you think?

It's going to be a long day waiting for her to return home safely that day!

(Just to be clear this post is more about my neuroticism brought on by parenting than it is about any real dangers that exist at Wet and Wild.....I know that thousands of people go there and have a really good fact friends of ours go there all the time and absolutely love should go check it out some caters for all ages with different levels of rides and it even has a beach...with waves!!!  I simply tend to feel the same away about all amusement parks, shopping malls, cinemas, restaurants, the beach.....yeah pretty much anywhere that one of my girls can go!!!....there's that crazy mumma coming out again!)

Please tell me I'm not the only one who has a few slightly crazy fears when it comes to our kids...please, pretty please......

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

My Liebster Blog Award

One of the great things about blogging is 'virtually' meeting so many wonderful people along the way.  Victoria from Boiled Eggs and Soldiers is one such lovely lady.  If you are a busy mum or just someone in need of dinner inspiration then you should definitely check out her blog for some fabulous quick dinner ideas...and a whole lot more.  Anyways, Victoria nominated me for a 'Liebster Blog Award' which is essentially an award given by bloggers to fellow bloggers as a way of recognizing each others blogs.  

So today I am going to answer the 10 questions that Victoria gave me..a few weeks back goes!

If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would it be?
South of dream would be to run away from the day-to-day for a year or two (or maybe forever!!) with hubby and the girls and live in a lovely little villa in France.

When I grow up I want to...
see the world

What is your favourite thing to eat?
As  infrequent as it is...lobster mornay....yum!

What is the best gift that you have ever been given?
Of course all of those precious handmade gifts from the girls would have to get a mention here!!  But really it was those gorgeous earrings from hubby!!

What colours would we find inside your wardrobe?
Red and black

Since you've started blogging what are the top 3 things you have learned?
To be yourself, to enjoy what you are doing and to be consistent....oops has it really been two weeks since I blogged..again!!

What were you doing a decade ago?
I thought I had my hands full back then being mum to 3 daughters and pregnant with my 4th!

Describe your perfect day....
Would it be wrong to say 'child-free'????

A picture says 1000 words, but in 3 words how would you describe you
Argh this is so hard!  I guess....wanna be 'creative'....'funny' well I always laugh at my jokes even if no one else does and a little 'shy'!!

What is one random thing that most people don't know about you?
Well not one of my family or friends know about this little blogging adventure of mine!  It is my little secret...sssshhhh !!

Oh my gosh, who knew that answering 10 little questions about yourself could be so hard!!

Thank you so much for sharing the Liebster Blog Awards love Victoria !  I will do some research and hopefully find some new blogs to share the love with real soon!

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Easy To Make Christmas Gift Idea...

With only 6 weeks til Christmas it is a good time to get working on your handmade Christmas gifts.

I saw these cute Christmas mugs when I was doing my grocery shopping and  I couldn't resist buying one of each...okay so it was 4 of each...but hey they are so cute!!!!

Everything I needed for this project was easy to find...I bought my supplies at my local Woolworths store...

Here's what you will need...

Coffee Mugs
·        Hot Chocolate sachets
·        Marshmallows
·        Chocolate biscuits (individually packaged works well)
·        Plastic spoons
·        Baking paper
·        Chocolate melts
·        Cellophane

·        Ribbon

Step 1
Collect all of your supplies together

Step 2
Lay out your plastic spoons on some baking paper.  Ensure that they are as level as possible.  Melt your chocolate.  You could use any chocolate that you like such as white chocolate or dark chocolate…I have used milk chocolate here.

Step 3
Fill your spoons with the melted chocolate…do not overfill!  You could use a piping bag for this step or simply spoon the chocolate into your plastic spoons.  Tap your spoons gently to make sure there are no air bubbles and to help the chocolate spread.  Pop your spoons into the refrigerator.

Step 4
While your spoons are setting in the fridge you can divide up your marshmallows into little packages and tie them up in cellophane using curling ribbon.

Step 5
Once your spoons are set you can wrap them also using cellophane and curling ribbon.

Step 6
Fill your mugs with one chocolate spoon, one hot chocolate sachet, one individually wrapped chocolate biscuit and the marshmallows.  Then wrap with cellophane and your gift is ready to give.

So easy to do and these look great!  They would make a great gift for pre-school teachers, swimming teachers, neighbours etc...

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Christmas Gift Guide for Teachers

Eeeek ...keep calm....I don't think I can!!  The weeks are disappearing so quickly!!

This week for my countdown I am putting our beach holiday aside for a minute and focusing on teachers gifts ....mostly female gifts (coz we do girl stuff pretty well around here!!) .....but I will try to throw in one or two male gifts....I really need to get my teacher gifts sorted!!

So here are a few of my favourite things to buy for teachers...

A few years ago I stumbled upon Shack Stuff at a local market.  I fell in love with their stuff instantly...and of course I couldn't leave without can check out my first purchase from them here and you can check out their website here and their facebook page here.  One of my favourite things from their range for a teachers gift are their memo boards.  These are the most gorgeous memo boards you will ever see and they are made with so much care and attention to detail.  These memo boards feature a calico background with a hand sewn motif in a timber frame with glass.  You can use a non permanent  marker to write on these but I particularly love using the chalk marker that you can buy from Shack Stuff and they come in a variety of colours too.  We have bought a variety of these for teachers of the last few years and they look great with a handwritten Christmas message on them from the girls...and it lets's the teacher know what they are for too!  These are great value for a handmade item with the smaller ones $20 and the A3 size $30.  From Shack Stuff you will also find beautiful magnet boards, wooden trays and glass jars that make stunning displays...and a whole lot more!  Haha can you tell I am a little bit obsessed!!

You can't go wrong if you do your teacher gift shopping at Kikki K...well I'd love it if I was a teacher!!!!!  I love these 2015 diaries for $ can check out the range here...

I also love Kikki K's Thankful Journal gift pack...and they are great value at only $19.95...take a look at them here.  In the pack you get a Thankful Journal, a pen and a mini card and envelope set.

Your teacher might love this Hanging Wall Storage from Typo...check it out here... perfect for getting organised in the classroom...or at  home....hmmm I could really use one of these myself!  Good value...currently on sale for $19.95...gotta love a sale!!

A great gift for the preschool teacher or perhaps kindergarten teacher are these range of stickers from can check out their website here  You can get your teachers name printed on these stickers which make them so adorable!  And these are perfect for male and female teachers.

Another gift perfect for both male and female teachers are these personalised notepads from LivLoveCruz on can check out their shop here.  You get 2 notepads for $10 USD and each has 40 even get to choose the font type and ink olour!

My tip is to get to know your chids' teacher a little...if they are going on a trip in the holidays then perhaps you can buy them a travel journal like this one from Typo... or you could pick up some travel accessories at Kathmandu.

If they've had a stressful year then maybe a little pamper pack from The Body Shop to treat themselves.

If you are still stuck for ideas then maybe a movie voucher or a voucher from a local gift store or craft shop.  And if all else fails....chocolates...who doesn't love chocolate !!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you buy for your childs' teachers?  Is there anything above that takes your fancy??

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

6 Years Ago Today...

Six years ago today hubby and I had planned to sit back, put our feet up and enjoy a day of racing on the tv...maybe even pick the Melbourne Cup winner  It was going to be our last chance for a restful day before bub number 5 came along in two weeks time.

Hubby arranged to take the girls to school so that I could have a sleep in...gotta love that man!  

6am came around, I got up to go to the you do when you are 38 weeks pregnant!! Then I returned to bed to make the most of this sleepin...god knows it would probably be the last for quite some time!!  For fear of telling you too much information I couldn't get back to sleep due to a weird 'trickling'...down there :-0

Eventually I got up and decided to have a shower.  I suspected that this baby was not going to wait til her due to break the news to hubby that his day of relaxation might be slightly interrupted!!

When he got back from school drop off I mentioned the possibility...his first question was would we still be home for the Melbourne Cup...haha isn't he adorable!  Rethinking his comment he then asked if there was a tv or radio at the hospital...better question darling!!

Even though this was bub number 5 I was pretty confident that we had a fair bit of time up our sleeves...let's just say that I will never be the mum caught out giving birth on the side of the road because it all happened so quickly that she couldn't make it to hospital....long labours here!

Around lunch time we called my sister to come over and mind the then miss 4 and to pick up the other girls after school.  With regular contractions we went to the hospital around 1pm. And once checked in and settled into my room..well then it all slowed down didn't it!  But it was confirmed that that mystery 'trickling' in the morning was probably my waters so things were underway...slowly!

Well let's cut a long story short and just skip a lot of monitoring and checking and jump a few hours ahead to when I decided an epidural would be advantageous!  After it was all administered the midwife came in and said that this baby was ready to was about 9pm by this time!!  At this point she said that we'd wait until the epidural wore off to start pushing...what the..??!  Wait for the pain relief to wear off then, no,no....I think I'll start pushing now thanks!

I remember the anesthetist saying that the epidural would wear off in about 50 I was determined to push this bub out within that time frame!!  I watched the clock continuously!

So approx. 10pm that night...bub number 5 was born...two weeks before her due date but definitely not in too much of a hurry that day!!

Now I might not be able to tell you her exact weight or length at birth...but I can tell you that the Melbourne Cup winner that day was Number 10...viewed!!

Now this is the part where I should have a beautiful newborn image of my now miss 6, perhaps a collage of cute moments over the last six years...but yeah when I say I am disorganized...I mean it lol !!!  So watch this space...maybe I will come back and update it with a photo...hopefully before she turns 7 lol !!

But here is a picture of the birthday girl this morning !!

Happy Birthday Miss 6!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 3 November 2014

The Race that Stops the Nation....

Yes tomorrow is the big day....'the race that stops the nation".  I will admit that I do love the Melbourne Cup...hubby tries to take the day off work when he can and we spend the day watching the races and eating cheese and crackers!!  So much better than housework!!

I love the feel, the atmosphere, the excitement, the fashions, the horses.....albeit all through my television screen!!

You could study the form guide for hours and still have no idea which horse to back...or is that just me!!??  So that takes me to the million dollar do you go about picking your horse?

Well here's a few methods that might bring you some luck in the big race...


If you don't have a lucky number of your own then saddle cloth numbers 4 and 12 have been the luckiest over the history of the cup.  So perhaps Red Cadeaux or Who Shot The Barman are in with a chance this year!


Most often the Cup has been won by a jockey wearing blue, followed by black and then yellow/gold.

So perhaps there is a good chance for Admire Rakti whose jockey Zac Purton will be wearing blue tomorrow!!


It seems that Bay coloured horses are most likely to win the Cup, probably because that is the most common colour of horse!   This is then followed by brown and chestnut.
Did you know that there have only been six grey horses to win the perhaps it is Fawkners time to shine tomorrow!!


If your horse has drawn barrier 5 or 11 then perhaps you are in with a chance as these barriers have produced the most Cup winners.  So Unchain My Heart and Protectionist might have a dream run!

If your horse has drawn barrier 18...then my condolences!!  No horses have won from barrier 18 to date...!! 


Only 3 horses have won at 3 figure odds with the last time being in just maybe we are due for a big win!  So although the lady at the TAB might give a chuckle when you put your money down on Mr O'Ceirin, it will be you laughing all the way to the bank if he somehow manages to "do a Bradbury"....never say never !!

And if all that fails then I guess there is eenie meenie miney mo !!

Here are my current picks...though there is still plenty of time to change my mind lol !!

#8     Junoob....because it's a funny name!
#3     Fawkner....go grey horse!!
#17   Mr O'Ceirin....because he is currently 201/1 and if he won we could go out to dinner!!
#10   Gatewood....because tomorrow is my daughters birthday and on that day 6 years ago            #10 won the cup!
#1     Admire Rakti....because everybody is talking him and I don't want to miss out!!

So yeah as you can see I have really put some serious thought into my selections !!!!!

Do you love or loathe the Melbourne Cup?  Do you use any of the methods above to choose your horse?  Would you care to share your hot tips?

The information above was obtained from the following websites
and is all just a bit of fun.  Make sure you gamble responsibly.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

8 weeks til Christmas...

Woah only 8 weeks to go until Christmas...and just slightly less til our beach holiday...oh my gosh!!

My search for beach themed Christmas craft, decorations and food, as well as presents for the girls that will give the 'wow' factor but won't take up all the room in the trailer, has continued this week and this is what I have found...

I am a little bit in love with these beachy Christmas simple but yet so so cute!

And how about this watermelon beach bucket....this would be the perfectly fit our beach theme!

My eldest daughter slept over at a friends house recently and she has not stopped raving about the sheets that they had...apparently they are the softest sheets this week I have added linen to the Christmas list...maybe not the most exciting gift ever...but sometimes we have to add practical items to the gifts too!

This virtual online window shopping is so much fun...but I had better check my budget before I get too carried away adding items to my shopping carts!

Do you have a budget per child for Christmas presents or do you just try to make sure that you have the same number of gifts for each of them to open (to avoid arguments!!)