Saturday, 21 March 2015

Pink Is The New White....

So you know how purple was the new black a few seasons that still true....I am so out of touch with fashion !!  Anyways did you know that apparently pink is the new white??

Yeah well I didn't now about this latest fashion phenomenon until I let hubby take Miss 10 and Miss 6 shopping for new runners last week.

Just as they were about to leave I said to him that the school policy for runners is mostly white so aim for that but a bit of colour won't be a problem.

These are the girls runners from last year when I took them shopping....I'm a bit of a stickler for the rules...

But with the crazy weeks I've been having lately I gladly accepted hubby's offer to take the girls shopping one afternoon....finally they would stop pestering me about their runners not fitting right!

I told hubby some vague sizes, handed over some cash and sent them on their merry way.  In all honesty I had been expecting a phone call or two during the process but no such phone call came, hubby and the girls returned home all in one piece.....job done.....tick!

So are you ready to see Miss 6 and Miss 10's new know the ones that should be mostly white but a bit of colour will be okay...yeah those ones....

Are you sure you are ready for this...?

Holy crap!!  I was !!!

So there they are in all of their bright pink glory....all I can hope is that pink is the new white and nobody at school will notice !!  Thankfully they were buy one get a second pair for free because the price of the two pairs was absolutely ridiculous!!

Does your school specify a colour for runners? Do you conform like me or do you think a 'bit' of colour is okay!!


  1. Mostly pink with a bit of white being ok maybe. Ha! Rebels.

    1. haha Karin...a very little bit of white!! Yes now we are turning them into rebels from a young age!!