Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Losing my Mind!!!

I'm pretty sure that Miss 14 has soccer photos this weekend...just not sure of the time or the location.

I think Miss 13 and Miss 9's netball photos are coming up...I remember reading that they are on a Wednesday night....just not sure which Wednesday that is.

I definitely know that there is a mini dance concert coming up....mid June....being held local....just have to find out what Miss 5 is supposed to wear, how her hair is supposed to be done, what date rehearsals are and I must remember to go online and buy tickets...

Miss 13 has two violin concerts in June.  I am yet to remember the dates and venues but I know that I need to buy tickets.

Miss 16 has two school excursions coming up and for one of them she needs to take the digital camera.  Now where is the charger for that?

Miss 9 makes her First Holy Communion in about three weeks.  We have to attend weekly sessions, a Church tour and a rehearsal.  Also need to find somewhere to buy a dress, jacket and shoes that won't cost a fortune.

It is Miss 14's birthday in less than two weeks.  Need to buy her some gifts and will need to tidy up before the in-laws come over to have dinner for her birthday.

Don't remind me that I still have one or two tax returns to catch up on.

I am reasonably sure that I paid the last electricity bill....well kinda, sorta sure.

Miss 5 should be doing readers and sight words daily....mummy fail on that one big time!!

Yesterday I was sitting at a red light at a busy intersection watching the other cars driving at speed, some one turned right from the wrong lane, another braked at the last minute.  It was all a blur it was all happening so fast.  It was crazy!

It was exactly like what is constantly going on in my head and my life at the moment...chaos!!

There is too much to do, not enough time.  Constantly more and more things being added to the schedule and the to do list.  

With two of the girls playing netball on Saturdays and two playing soccer on Sundays weekends are no longer a chance to  enjoy bacon and egg breakfasts and lazy days they are just all consumed with activities and school preparations for the following week.

Seriously I cannot believe that it will be June by the end of this week.

I need to write myself some to do lists, I need to structure my days a a whole lot  more, I need to work smarter and plan better.

I am planning to be housebound for June (well apart from going to all of those concerts and sports games....oh and the school mass!!) that I can try to get some order into this chaos................before I go completely mad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 23 May 2014

Change of Heart....

Do you know that feeling when you find out you are pregnant with your next baby before the memories of the last long and arduous labour have faded?

Well that was how I felt this week when I saw the recent television advertisement for the newest lot of stickers to collect at Woolworths. Instantly the memories of the still too recent animal card collection came back...and I was too strongly reminded of the whole ordeal...trying to collect the whole series, the pain of trying to find an album, oh and not to mention the 'f bomb' hiding in the find a word was still all too fresh in my memory so I tuned out to the television commercial adamant that I was not interested.

The next day I find myself at Woolworths and when I was lined up at the checkout I caught a glimpse of the Jamie's Garden albums....oh my gosh I had to have it...well 2 in fact!  This is a quality book, hard covered and spiral bound...I loved it!  So there and then I had a change of heart...!!

Inside it is full of vibrant images...each page just grabs you!  There are details on how to grow your own herbs, fun facts about veggies, great recipes with easy to follow instructions, there are even games to play.  There is so much information I was amazed.  
And I love the fact that everything has been well thought out...for example if you cut out the cards to play the memory game the back of the page has been left free of information so you don't lose any great content!

The stickers come with a number printed on then which corresponds with where to stick them in your book.  Miss 5 has loved doing this on her own and it is simple enough for her to do it easily.  Her favourite so far is the scratch and sniff pineapple sticker!

I honestly love the whole concept and the product. Miss 5 has even taken this as her news today!  And I have sent messages to everyone I know whose children are either too old or too young for this collection and have asked them to collect stickers for us!

Miss 5 is not a good eater and hasn't been for the past 2 years or so, so I am hoping that a little something might rub off on her from being part of this fun and informative collection.

If you haven't got yours yet be sure to check it out when you are at Woolworths next (which is probably almost daily if you are anything like me!!).  By the way this is in no way a sponsored's just ramblings from a crazy mum who loves the Jamie's garden collection and had to share !!!

Hope you like it too !

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Are You Being Served??!!

Yesterday I experienced two very different extremes of customer service.

Here's a little background information on the first story...

Last week I went to our local Hot Dollar variety store to purchase a few extra gifts for our school Mother's Day stall.  This store would have to be one of my favourites as it always seems that when I have looked all over for something I go there and they have it (you think I'd figure out to go there first wouldn't you !!)  So I spent up big buying multiples of various items for the stall.  I was in a rush, as usual, so when I saw a cute little melamine tray for $2.50 I just picked up the whole bunch of them together and added them to my shopping.

Well when I arrived at the school for Mother's Day wrapping I realized that one of the trays was broken...which then led me to take a closer look at the remaining trays and I saw that a dozen of them had a tiny crack near the fact you would never have seen it if you weren't specifically looking for it.

So yesterday I went with my receipt in hand to return the damaged trays....only to be met with the barrage of abuse from the shopkeeper...okay so most of the conversation was to her son in another language but seriously the tone and volume she used indicated that she was none too happy with my suggestion that the items were damaged when I bought them.  Seriously I would not waste my time returning a dozen trays for the sheer fun of it.  I tried to reason with her and her son as you could only see the crack if you were really analysing the trays.  Whilst I'm pretty sure that her son believed my side of the story there was no way that the lady was having it and she simply concluded the shopping experience by loudly accusing me of dropping the trays on the ground and trying to bring them back for a refund.

I have been shopping there for years, I have purchased in bulk for the past few Mother's Day and Father's Day stalls, birthday parties and the like but I will not be returning to that store again....yep that is my teeny tiny personal protest!!

So much for the customer always being right!!  I can appreciate that people would possibly try to return things that we broken after purchase etc.. but it is up to the shopkeeper to use their discretion...and at least be civil.

So then came shopping experience number two...

At about 3.40 pm Miss 16 informed me that she needed one more board game to finish her Design and Tech project that is due this week...and she needed it...well basically now!  

We had purchased the other board games from Salvo's so I said I'd try to get to the local one as soon as I had dropped Miss 5 off to dancing at 4.00 pm.  

I dropped Miss 5 off to dancing, got caught up with her needing to go to the toilet, then with her not wanting to do dancing today...thankfully the teacher prised her off my leg and I made my escape!

Rushing back to the car I called the closest Salvo's store to ask if they had a lot of board games at the moment...she informed me that they did but that they closed in 20 minutes so I'd have to be quick.

I was there within a few minutes, quickly made my way to the back of the store where there was a range of board games but not the kind that we needed...we need the type of board that when you put two together you will end up with a cube....if that makes sense!

I rushed back to the car, called the next closest Salvo's, which just so happened to be the one where we purchased some of the games previously, so I was kicking myself a little for not just going straight there!  They informed me that they too closed at 4.20pm.  Now I was at least a good 10 minutes drive away and that would be if the traffic lights were all kind to me!  

I started driving in the direction of the store but hit traffic straight away.  I thought about turning around and hoping that Kmart or Target had board games on special this week!  At that point I realized I had left my purse at home....a quick look in the centre console found a $5 note and I figured I might be able to find a few gold coins if I was lucky so I kept on in the direction of the Salvo's store like a woman on a mission!

At the first chance I pulled over and called the Salvo's store again to tell them that I desperately needed to get there to buy a board which they replied that they were closing in 10 minutes.  I told them I was on my way, probably 10-15 minutes away so would there be any chance they could wait til say 4.25 pm?  They guy replied that they'd be counting the cash so if I was quick enough that should be okay.

Well every red light later...and the fact that they are located on the other side of the road to the way I was travelling which required driving past to the next set of lights and turning around...I pulled up in their car park at 4.24 pm and could see the lights just being turned off...I ran...yes I actually the door, thanked them a thousand times, ran to the back of the store, grabbed a box of Trivial Pursuit, checked that the board was in good enough condition and then made my way to the counter.

At this point I remember that I only had my $5 note and one gold coin that I'd found under the car seat.  Seriously I sounded like a crazy lady going on about needing a board game, leaving my purse at home, finding some change in the car...blah blah blah!!  

The gentleman gathered up my money and said that for today that could be the price of a board game...aah the relief!!!

Oh my gosh, I was so thankful for the Salvo's store just waiting those extra few minutes!!

So there you have my two opposing experiences of customer service in the same day. Now to find myself another variety store to frequent!!!!!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

eBay Collections....totally loving it!

A few weeks ago I was introduced to eBay Collections by Nuffnang Blog Community....I got to be among some of the first people to pop over to eBay and build their own Collections...and I must say that I am loving it!

The premise is that you can set up your own themed collections and add items from eBay to's a bit like having a themed mood board (I have mood boards on the brain with three daughters in high's one of the first projects that they have to complete!!) ...but this is even better because you can click on the items and actually buy them!

Creating the collections is easy...when you are looking at an item on eBay just click on 'add to collection'  then either name your collection or add the item to an existing is that easy!  

You can take a look at my eBay collections here and while you're at it...why not pop over to Explore Collections and take a look at all of the other wonderful prepared to lose a few is wonderful!  It is easy to follow the collections that take your fancy too.

The concept is is like having a wishlist created for you!  I think these collections will definitely come in handy when shopping for birthdays and Christmas etc...

There's interior decorating, fashion, stationary, wedding ideas...the list is endless...go on... take a look and if you find some great collections to follow why not come back and share them so we can all have a peak!!