Friday, 27 February 2015

Day Surgery....

So today Miss 6 is scheduled for day surgery....and yes I am mildly freaking out!

Without boring you with too much detail,  Miss 6 experiences significant stomach pains when she poops and it just doesn't seem quite right to me.

Whilst the surgeon has assured me that what they are doing is a standard procedure with very little risk involved that does nothing to stop my wild imagination creating multiple worst case scenarios which run over and over in my head!

Argh hubby would be so much better at dealing with these situations.....I'm not really the master of the brave face....though I have mastered uncontrollable tears!  But today I will put on my best brave face...even as they wheel her away to surgery....eek no guarantees!!

I have a bag packed with a few things to keep her mind off things while we wait for her turn in theatre and I have a bag packed with a few things to keep my mind off her being in theatre when I am sitting alone waiting, waiting, waiting!

Miss 6 is devastated that she will miss her class performance at the school assembly this afternoon.....seriously of all the afternoons her class could have done a performance it had to be today!!

Oh well, here's hoping that all goes smoothly and that Miss 6 can move forward from here with no more tummy aches.

Please keep miss 6 in your thoughts and prayers today and I'll let you know how she goes!

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