Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Can You Guess Where I am Going Today??

Can you guess where I am going today?

Okay so I've got panadol packet, chocolate is a must, a bandaid or two to be prepared, lots of snacks because regular sugar hits will be essential, tissues because at some stage I might cry and my iPhone lens (taking a liberty there coz I might want to sneak a few photos for myself).....and if I could I would have a bottle of coke in there too.....

So can you guess?

Need some more clues?

There will be noisy children (about 80 of them) 

There will be a 50 minute bus trip each way with said 80 noisy children...and there is usually a crazy bus driver involved!!

Pretty sure there will be a headache in there somewhere!!

So have you guessed yet?

Yes I am a parent helper on a school excursion with Miss 10.  

We are off to Chinatown.

I have done this excursion before with the now Miss 14 and Miss 15 when they were each in year 5.

Here's how the day will go...each parent helper will get allocated a group of 6-8 children, we will endure high volume chatter on the bus trip and finally arrive in Chinatown with our clipboards and worksheets and we all split up taking our groups around trying to find the answer to all of the questions on the worksheet.

Hours will seem like days as we walk endlessly around and whilst I try not to lose anybody in my care!!

Eventually it will be time to go to the designated meeting spot to endure another 50 minutes of bus travel with tired feet and an aching head!

Jealous aren't you...I know you are!!

Do you volunteer to be a helper on your children's excursions?  What would be the best or the worst that you have been on so far?


  1. Oh my! You are a good lady. I hope you don't need the Panadol too early in the day. Our school seems to be favouring incursions at the moment which is great so no parental help required but it's only a matter of time! All the best for the day!

    1. haha survived the day without the panadol Victoria! enjoy the incursions while you can I say!!

  2. Oh lucky you!! I volunteered on an excursion.....once....... Gosh it was exhausting...Hope you had fun!

    1. haha yes Mandy I was totally exhausted...but it was a lot of fun!!

  3. This sounds exhausting. I hope it all went well. I have all of this to look forward too. Jx

    1. haha it was exhausting Jess but I do love being a part of school stuff!