Monday, 28 April 2014

A Little Catch Up on Where I'm At...

Well the school holidays came along and thankfully gave me a break from the daily school routine and the seemingly never ending after school activities.

Mornings were overlooked in favour of sleep ins, routines were thrown out the window and the days had no feel at Monday-itis or Sunday afternoon blues!

There were a few relaxed shopping trips, a couple of workshops for the girls and a huge highlight was the Royal Easter feet are still recovering!!

During the holidays my blog turned 1...woo hoo!!  In actual fact I had signed up to Blogger about 2 years earlier and was waiting for inspiration to hit!!  I eventually realised that that wasn't going to happen so I just jumped in the deep end and started writing blogs....some bad and some okay but hey it keeps me out of mischief!

We have been focused on turning the second bedroom into a room for Miss 16...progress is slow as hubby has a much higher sense of perfection than I do...but we will get there eventually!

So school has today returned...and along with it the routine and activities.  

The weather is cooling down as winter is just around the corner...and whilst I say that I prefer winter to summer that does not mean that I can't complain about the cold okay!!

So into May we already !!!!

Thursday, 10 April 2014


Today I turned forty-four.

This was the age that my mum turned a few days after giving birth to me via emergency c-section all those years ago.  In fact her 44th birthday was probably spent still being in the hospital with caesarian births usually seeing the mum in hospital for up to 10 days back then.

Already having four children aged 19, 17, 13 and 8 it was clear to say that I was an unexpected surprise for my parents.

I cannot imagine having to go back to sleepless nights and nappy changes after all those years.  

Looking back I was probably a clingy mummy's girl....and with my youngest having been one of these since birth I now sympathise with my poor mum!!!

I remember growing up with so many people thinking my parents were in fact my grandparents.  My childhood also felt a little like that of an only child as most of my siblings had married and moved out of home before I was eight or so.

When I fell pregnant at 38 I was a tad horrified that my youngest would hear the same comments about hubby and I as I did about my parents. And to tell you the truth the last five years have been exhausting what with financial troubles, raising a clingy baby and keeping up with the other four....some days I feel old enough to be the grandma!!

So it might be time to check out some secrets of staying search for the fountain of youth.......before the big 5-0 rolls around!!!!

By the way.....I am typing this on my new ipad.....well technically it is hubby's old ipad that he stuck in a new cover and gave to me for my birthday.....but hey, I'm happy with that!!!!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Three months with my review

Here and there on Facebook I had heard the Thermomix mentioned, seen a few recipes shared around, read a few reviews....and I had seen the price....eeek !

Then when I was with Miss 5 having a play date with one of her friends I noticed that this mum had a Thermomix sitting there on the bench top...!!  Instantly 20 questions....I quizzed her about its functions, it abilities, its usefulness.  I left the play date so wanting a Thermomix but still the price was beyond my means.

A few weeks later miss 5 was invited for another play date and the mum said that I was welcome to stay for a Thermomix demonstration that she was having that day.  What the heck I harm in seeing the Thermomix in action.

I left that demonstration with a page full of notes and a bowl full of dip to take home.  The dip was devoured by everyone and they didn't believe that it was homemade.  The German engineering was a winner with hubby as was the interest free payment plan that was on offer at the time.  Luckily for me Miss 5 was just finishing preschool which meant that I would have a small amount of cash that I could re-divert into Thermomix repayments.

I ordered my Thermomix the next day!  My Thermomix arrived, the consultant went through its functions and we made a batch of vegetable stock.  Christmas was fast approaching as was our first family holiday in a few years.  So the Thermomix was packed up and put aside to be taken on holidays.

We were away for some 12 days and the Thermomix was used from the very first morning to make boiled eggs til the very last day to make bread rolls for lunch.

The Everyday Cookbook was brilliant and so easy to follow.  By the end of our holiday we had used the cookbook to make boiled eggs, crepes, dips, bechamel sauce, bolognaise sauce, mashed potato, chicken and cashew nut, pizza dough, herb and garlic pull apart, soft butter rolls, creamy traditional ice cream, sorbet, apple tea cake, numerous smoothies, fresh juices, traditional lemonade, hot chocolate and whipped cream.

I was amazed by the Thermomix.  I love the preciseness of it....just follow the instructions and each time the boiled eggs cooked to perfection, the pizza dough came out just right.....

The holiday was over and we came back home to the craziness of work, school, after school activities, weekend sport.  I wasn't sure how the Thermomix would fit in to our mayhem.

But now we are just over three months into the year and the Thermomix is still getting used pretty much daily....usually multiple times a day!

I love that I can pop the boiled eggs on, jump in the shower, and hop out to perfectly cooked eggs for the girls breakfast. Or if time is not on our side for some reason I can have a smoothie ready for them to drink on the go in literally seconds.

Afternoons are crazy with activities, homework, assessments and amongst all of that I have to remember Miss 5's readers.  Again the Thermomix is perfect as I can have the mash potato or the pumpkin soup cooking away whilst I focus on the readers and thanks to the timer there is no chance of burnt offerings for dinner.

We have expanded our use of the the Thermomix since being home and frequently jump online and find new recipes to try.  Cinnamon scrolls are one of the favourites as is garlic and rosemary pizza.

I had concerns about the bowl not being big enough for a family of 7 but it surprisingly makes quite large quantities.

Many mention that the Thermomix is quite loud....but in a family of 7 there is seldom silence so I don't notice it too much.....though sometimes I can find the timer sound a tad frustrating when it chimes continuously!!

I love that we are now using fresh herbs from our garden a lot more.  We are using less packaged foods and cooking more things from scratch.

Thanks to the ability of the Thermomix to chop and grind I am able to hide a whole lot more goodness into some of our meals, for example oats and chia seeds frequently make their way into cupcakes, steamed and pureed apples make it into tea cakes, and bolognaise sauce has a whole range of vegetable goodness thrown in.

Sorbet has been one of the favourites with the girls.  Whilst they generally do eat a lot of fruit they are now willing have fruits that they usually don't like if they are added to the that's a win!

I feel like we have a lot less waste as we will now turn fruit into sorbet or smoothies, veggies into smoothies or stocks.  And since meals are so easy to make a day spent in the kitchen with the Thermomix can produce a great range of snacks for both work and school and it can also fill the freezer with some home cooked meals for nights when things don't quite go to plan!

Since I have a tiny old kitchen with only 2 working hotplates the Thermomix is a lifesaver! 
I also prefer to have things cooking in the Thermomix when I can't be in the kitchen the whole time, rather than having things boiling away on the stove....just for safety reasons. 

When you don't have a dishwasher and you are out 4 afternoons a week and both days on the weekend at activities and sport it doesn't take much for my kitchen to be a real disaster...when this happens I find that I can pop dinner in the Thermomix, luckily it doesn't take up too much room, and while that is cooking I can get about cleaning up the kitchen...then dinner can be served and there is only the plates, cups and cutlery plus the Thermomix to be washed!  I have found the cleaning to be quite easy....I think once the risotto did stick a little to the bottom when I tried to cook it without the butterfly attachment...but that was easily cleaned up when I took the blades out and washed it all...since then I have used the butterfly attachment and had no problems.

The Thermomix is so easy to use that the girls have had no trouble using it with great success.  Having the Thermomix has seen them try a lot of new things too which is always good.

I know that a Thermomix is not for everybody but it works really well for me.  I still have a long way to go in using it to its maximum potential but I am really enjoying making different things and it will definitely accompany us on our next  holiday!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Oh No The School Holidays are Coming....

Truth be told I am actually looking forward to these school holidays....a break from the routine of uniforms and lunches, a chance for a few sneaky sleep ins and hopefully some lazy movie days and some fun family games nights.

It all sounds good in theory!!  But no doubt there will be moments where the girls get on each others nerves, where cabin fever sets in and where my patience will be tested!!

So I am planning ahead for those 'I'm bored' moments and I have been doing a bit of internet window shopping checking out a few items that might save the day.

The first item I am considering buying is this kinetic sand....
I have had my eye on it for a while but was sure that there would be mess involved....but after reading some reviews and after watching the little video over at The Coffee Apple I am going to give it a go....  I think all 5 of the girls will get some fun out of this.  You can check it out here...

Also at The Coffee Apple I saw these fabric tangram sets....
Again I have had my eye on these for a while and I think they will be great for getting each of the girls involved as well.  I also loved that they come with a draw string bag and they'd be great for when you are waiting at the doctors or even at Church to keep the younger one happy!  You'll find these great sets here....

To be honest I could have listed a dozen more items from The Coffee Apple that could easily make their way into my shopping the Story Sketcher and the Story Stones....but I had to show some self control!!

I also found some great DIY craft kits....I like the fabric covered button kits from Pack It In...
With this the girls can make a bunch of fabric covered hair ties and hair clips....and believe me with 5 daughters you can never have too many of these!!  You can check out their ebay listing here....

Lastly I would love to have a go at making some beautiful soy candles...I love having them around the house.  So I was thinking that a beginners kit might be in this one
And it would be a great activity to do with the girls.  You can check out these kits from Natural Candle Supply at their website here....

So with only 4 days of primary school and 5 days of high school left before the holidays are upon  me I had better get shopping !!!

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Once Upon A Time....

Once upon a time Mum Of Five Girls got a job and everything went to shit...well even more so than usual!

20 hours per week work from home....that'll be a piece of cake Mum Of Five Girls thought. Haha Mum Of Five Girls was wrong!! 

The dishes piled up and up and up....

The laundry piled up and up and up.....

And the dust and dirt piled up and up and up....

Not only did the house suffer but her blog started to feel very neglected too....

Slowly but surely Mum Of Five Girls started to get the hang of this working from home thing...see she only burnt one side of the frozen nuggets...

Mum Of Five Girls is going to rock this working from home thing....eventually lol !

And best of all she is very excited to be earning some money to put towards a few little extras on their secret family trip....which is only 10 days away!!!!

well one day, after the dishes, the laundry, the vacuuming....

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