Wednesday, 9 March 2016

10 on 10 Photography Circle - March

It's time for this months 10 on 10 Photography Circle with my blogging friends.  So make sure you make your way around the circle by following the links at the end of each of the blogs.

This week is hubby's birthday....a 'special' birthday ;-)

So here's a look into our birthday celebrations....which seem to be lasting all week!!

Hubby saw this cake on sale for $1.60 on the weekend and so the birth week celebrations began!

With Miss 15 going away on camp on the day of hubby's birthday dinner celebrations were moved to birthday eve.  Dinner out at one of our favourite restaurants.

Then time to head home....

.....for present time

....and the big reveal.....a family holiday....and hubby is all packed!!  You can read about the surprise here!

And then the actual day of hubby's birthday rocked around so we headed out for brekkie after the girls were at school

And then his birthday dinner.....ya gotta love a guy who chooses tinned spaghetti on toast for his birthday dinner because he knows that you've had a busy few weeks learning a new job and because the kitchen is still partially trashed due to the broken dishwasher

And then time for another cake

so now hubby is officially the big

And for my pic #10 I'm throwing in a video.....note to self things are not as easy as they seem on facebook but overall it was not a bad first attempt!  Clearly making videos is not my forte so apologies for the darkness!

We've still got an all you can eat dinner on Sunday night with hubby's parents!!

Pop over to see what the lovely Lauren from Life At Number Five has been up to this month...warning...there might be photos of her gorgeous baby girls...cuteness overload!!