Friday, 6 March 2015

Garage Sale Virgin

So now that I am no longer on the primary school P&;F committee I have all this spare time on my hands.....bahahaha yeah right!!

Anyways first thing on my 'To Do List' is to hold a garage sale! 

Hubby and I have talked about having one for years but like most things it just never happens.....but this time it is so going to happen!  The fact that we have 3 girls having birthday parties this year and a year 10 formal on top of that is quite a driving force!!!

First thing to do....set the date......tick....

Saturday 28th chosen because that is our state election day and we live on a bit of a main road right near a high school that lots of people vote maybe we can grab some of that passing traffic!!  Alternatively it will completely backfire because every school within a 20 mile radius will decide to incorporate a mini fair into their voting day schedule complete with cakes and sausage sandwiches.....oh well I guess we'll see!!

Second thing to do.....start sorting stuff.....tick.... 

I have created a 'garage sale area' in our garage and for the past few weeks I have been adding to now has heaps of stuff to sell, although Miss 6 is constantly trying to reclaim her possessions!

Third thing to do....start pricing.....tick....

A trip to Officeworks to stock up on sticky labels and little price tags and I have been pricing like crazy...and super cheaply too...seriously I just want the crap gone!!!

Fourth thing to do....enlist the help of family or friends....tick....
Two of my wonderful sisters have kindly agreed to spend one day each week in the lead up to the garage sale helping with the sorting, grouping and pricing...gotta love sisters!!  I will pay them with cookies and cake!!

The girls are keen to help.....except when I actually ask them to do anything lol !!   They are now begging to be allowed to have a lemonade stand at the garage sale....coz yeah you know I will totally have time to make lemonade !!!

So with only three weekends until the big day and sooo much still to be done.....I am doing what you would expect me to be doing.....planning, organizing, making lists....haha nope!!  I am pinning garage sale tips and lemonade stand ideas over at pinterest!!  Yep you can check out my boards here  and here is a totally critical part of the planning you know!!!

So tell me, have you ever had a garage sale?  Or do you love going to garage sales?
Have you got any tips for this garage sale virgin?


  1. Living in an apartment almost all my life, I've never had a garage sale "insert sad face." I don't think I've been to one either although I have bought some home made lemonade from neighbourhood kids before. Does that count? Sounds like yours will be the sale of the century! Good luck. I hope there will be a post along the lines of The Garage Sale - The Sequel.

    1. haha Yeah I'll count the homemade lemonade purchase!! Here's hoping I survive the sale!!

  2. Oh I love the people that get so into garage sales! They're fascinating!! They're like professional garage salers. We had one when we relocated many many years ago. We had 7am as the start time, but people were turning up at 6am- it was madness! And the bartering- hilarious. I felt like they mistook our driveway for the streets of Bali. Good luck with it, I hope you get lots of sales!

    1. ugh yes I am fearful the early birds...maybe I'll say 8am start anticipating them turning up at 7am!!! Fingers crossed it goes well!!