Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Unique Gift Ideas For Teachers

So today marks the end of three years of Miss 17 having a maths tutor.

He has been absolutely brilliant and has not only helped Miss 17 to catch up on the work that she missed out on due to her migraines, but he has also built up her self esteem and confidence and she was awarded first in course overall this year at her school.

So we put together a thank you/goodbye gift today.

I like a gift to have a bit of thought behind it, to be a bit personalized.   Now the tutor has a great sense of humor and Miss 17 can be frustrating at times so we put this gift together with these factors in mind.

Here's the gifts that we collected....

Then we wrapped them and numbered each (you'll see why in a minute!!)....

Miss 17 typed up a thank you note and wrote equations on seven small envelopes.....

Then we packed it all into a box, tied it up with string and put a note on top....

The note on top instructed the tutor to open each envelope in numerical order.....in order to do this he had to calculate the equations on each of them to get the answer which gave him the order!

As he opened each envelope he was to open the corresponding gift.

Here is the message that Miss 17 typed .... and the gift that goes with it!!

  1. I just wanted to say thank you for being my maths tutor!  I'm sure it was no picnic 
    gift - picnic bar
  2. There were probably times you wanted to throw in the towel
    gift - hand towel
  3. Or I gave you a headache
    gift - panadol
  4. Now I'm going to be on the ball
    gift - handball for his sons
  5. I'm totally going to ace it
    gift - deck of cards
  6. As far as maths tutors go, you are one of my favourites
    gift - box of favourites chocolates
  7. Thanks for all your work, have a great break before you come back to tutor my sisters muhahaha!!
    gift - kit kat chocolate 

We had a lot of fun putting this gift together and the tutor was quick to respond that is was very inventive!

If you are thinking of putting together a gift like this here are a few more products that you could incorporate....

  • Minties - for moments like these
  • Sinkers - sink or swim
  • Fan - as in I'm a big fan
  • Compass - for giving direction

Are there any other products/items that you can think of to add to this list?

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Monday, 12 October 2015

Jamberry Nail Wrap Giveaway

So last week I told you all about my new found love of Jamberry Nails here.  And by 'new found' I mean one day I had never even heard of Jamberry or even nail wraps and the next day I was signing up to be an independent consultant.....nothing like a bit of spontaneity to spice up life!

Well today I have decided to share my love of these nail wraps by having a little giveaway!!

So Jamberry nail wraps are non-toxic vinyl nail wraps that you apply with heat right there in your own home!

They have just launched here in Australia and are rapidly gaining popularity due to the ease of use and to the 300 plus amazing designs.

I never have the time or money to get a manicure so I am in love with the DIY at home side of these nail wraps.

Another thing I really love about the Jamberry nail wraps is the Mommy and Me range which feature matching nail wraps for both mum and daughter....how cute would these be!!  (and so much easier than applying nail polish to 50 nails when all of your daughters want to do at home manicures at the same time!!)

To apply the nail wraps all you need is the wraps, a hair dryer, a nail file and nail scissors....so easy!

You can use nail wraps on each of your finger nails (toe nails too if you like!) or you can simply use one wrap on each hand as an accent and apply nail polish to the other fingers, you can even apply the clear patterned wraps over nail polish for a layering effect!

The Giveaway:

Okay so that's enough of me raving!!  It's giveaway time!!

To be in the running to win here's what you need to do....it's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3...

1.  pop over to my Jamberry Launch Party on facebook and request to join the group
     Come Wrap With Me - Facebook Launch

2.  pop over to my Jamberry Online Shop, click on the SHOP tab and take a look through the amazing designs
     Come Wrap With Me - Jamberry Shop

3.  pop back here and leave a comment below telling me what is you favourite design from the online shop and why.

The Prizes:

There will be 3 winners chosen based on the creativity of their answer provided.

First prize winner will receive a sheet of Jamberry Nail wraps (the one that they commented about in their answer) valued at $22.00  plus 1 Jamberry Nail lacquer (under the lacquers tab, no the gel enamels)  of their choice valued at $22.00  (total prize value is $44.00)
(it is a possibility that nail lacquers may be unavailable at the time this competition is drawn, if this is the case the prize winner will receive 2 sheets of nail wraps)

Second prize winner will receive a sheet of Jamberry Nail wraps (the one that they commented about in their answer)  (total prize value is $22.00)

Third prize winner will receive a nail application kit that includes 2 alcohol wipes, 1 pair of nail scissors, 1 pair of nail clippers, 1 buffer block, 2 orange sticks, 1 rubber cuticle pusher and 1 nail file  (total prize value is $18)

Terms and Conditions:

1.  Competition is open to Australian residents only
2.  One entry per person.
3.  The winners will be chosen by Mum Of five Girls based on the most creative answers as judged by her.  No discussion over judging will be entered into.
5.  Competition starts on Monday 12th October at 8.00am AEST and ends on Friday 30th October at 5.00pm AEST
6.  The winners will contacted via facebook using the account with which they joined the Jamberry Launch Party page.  Winners will be announced on Monday 2nd November
7.   If there is a problem with the availability of a specific prize listed above the winner will receive an alternate prize as close in value to the specified prize as possible

Good luck!!

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1st PRIZE   -  LAURA S.


Saturday, 10 October 2015

10 in 10 Photography Circle - October

So this month I am suffering from a severe case of FOMO.....fear of missing out!!

The 10th of October has snuck up on me quite unexpectedly and I had nothing prepared for the photography circle  but I totally didn't want to miss out so here are 10 pics I've downloaded from my iPhone with no editing at all from last weekend when Miss 16 returned from a 3 week exchange program in Japan.

Gotta admit that as much as we can't wait to see Miss 16 leaving home at 5.20am kinda sucks.....and my windscreen needs a good clean!!

Woohoo after waiting over an hour for the girls to collect their luggage Miss 16 is home!!!

And Miss 6 is glad to see her....well at least until she hands out the presents!!

Random pic!

Ugh unpacking sucks...well except for the pressie part, that's pretty good!!

Can you see where Miss 16's priorities lay....get as much food out of Japan as possible!!

Cute as!

Send the gal to Disney Sea and yes she comes home with a huge Minnie Mouse hat!

Stopped off at The Grounds of Alexandria after leaving the airport.....because coffee was needed!!  Saw this awesome wall and was being all totally hip and cool trying to get an awesome pic of the girls altogether....

but these are what I got lol !!!!

So there you have my pics for this month!!  It is so good to have Miss 16 home again!!

Be sure to pop over and check out Michelle's awesome pics for October over at  Gee You're Brave and then work your way around the circle back to me!

Friday, 9 October 2015

Come Wrap With Me - Jamberry Nails

I'm not going to lie, a week ago I had never even heard of Jamberry Nails or nail wraps....and now I am an Independent Consultant for Jamberry.......woah crazy I know but all it took was one free sample to have me hooked!!

I'm not a go and get a manicure kinda gal because well time and money!!  I sometimes dabble with nail polish at home and yeah well the result is not always pretty and I am usually reaching for the nail polish remover within an hour because there are chips or smudges!

But then the Jamberry nail wrap arrived in the mail and I thought what the heck I'll give it a go.  Essentially it is a heat activated film that you apply to your nail....with fab results!

I watched the instructional video and basically all I had to do was cut the wrap in half, heat it with the hair dryer, apply, heat again and apply pressure....seriously less than a minute and I had done 2 nails and was feeling pretty proud of myself!!  (I only did 2 nails as that's what one wrap covers).  In fact I have shown everyone that I have crossed paths with in the past 72 hours.  

I have washed the dishes a dozen times, organised bathing and showering, washed and hung too many loads of washing, I even mowed the front lawn...and the wrap is surviving the perils of everyday life like a trooper....it still looks as good as when it was first applied!

There are heaps of other advantages to Jamberry nail wraps.  For starters they are non toxic and they are not tested on animals.  They are latex free, don't chip and there is no drying time!!  They are sooo easy to apply and there are sooo many designs to choose from!

If you are keen to learn more you can pop over and join my launch party on Facebook....it is going to be totally awesome with fun and games, prizes and freebies....and you can enjoy it all from home in your pj's!!  Check it out here.

You can also pop over to my website to place orders, host a party or join my team!  You can check it out here.

If you have any questions or would like to know more feel free to email me at mumoffivegirls@gmail.com

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Finlee and Me Product Review #3

Today I am reviewing the most adorable letter pad from Finlee and Me....okay so the products that we received were for the girls to play with and for me to review but when you forget to buy party invitations for your daughter's impending birthday and it is 10pm on the eve of the last day of the school term when you realize that you have to get the invitations out to the children THE NEXT DAY because her party will be the week after school goes back from the holidays.....yeah well that's when you whip yourself up some easy invitations using the Katy Jane Designs My Letter Pad !!!

In actual fact I've got to admit that I just want to keep this letter pad and use it myself!!  This particular design is called Vintage Bluebird and it is just the most beautiful design.  And it only costs $14.95 to buy....I'm sharing a link here because if you are anything like me you won't be able to resist the little bluebird saying.....BUY ME! BUY ME!

The greatest part is that after you write your note on one of the beautiful pages you simply fold as indicated, stick it closed, address it and post it...or in our case quickly give it to your friends at school!!!!!  

How easy is that!!  And just check out how gorgeous the enclosed stickers are...

And just to complicate things the letter pad is available in a few more cute designs.....like the Party Bunting...eek I love bunting!!  There's also Rainbow Delight and Airplane.....I need them all!!!!

This post is perfectly timed as Angela from Finlee and Me has just launched the Finlee and Me Kids Pen Pal Program to  help reignite the passion amongst children for actually writing and receiving letters.....you know the ones that come in the letter box!!!

And as if that wasn't a great enough initiative on its own the entire $5.00 fee that you pay to join the program will go straight to Rafiki Mwema which is a very worthy charity in Kenya that supports young girls who have been sexually abused.

So if you have a child or children between the ages of 2 and 17 pop over to the Pen Pal program by clicking on the link above and sign them up....and why not click on one of the links above and buy a beautiful writing paper pad for your kids to start their pen pal journey with......and what an amazing journey it might just turn out to be!

Watch out Angela I am popping over to sign my five girls up right now!!!!

Do yourself a favour and follow Finlee and Me on Facebook and Instagram too.....after all there are only 11 more Fridays til Christmas people...!!!!!

Here are some links to previous reviews I have done of products from Finlee and Me....and believe me they are all totally awesome...just ask my girls!!