Sunday, 10 July 2016

10 on 10 Photography Circle - July

10th of July...already!!!

For my 10 on 10 photography post I'm taking you out to dinner !!

Don't forget that at the end of this blog post I'll link to another of the blogs in the circle so you can pop by and check out their contribution for the month and hopefully find yourselves some great new blogs to love!

Miss 18 has only just gotten a photo ID from the RMS as she does not have her licence so she needed a form of ID.  Tonight she ordered a beer...just because she could!  It was for hubby, she has no intention of drinking alcohol but it was a laugh watching her order it!

It was so delicious and I am oh so full!!!  

Please check out the other blogs in this photography circle....
there's a lot to love in our wonderful group....  

I am linking to Jo from You Had Us At Hello so be sure to check out her great photos by clicking HERE