Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A Healthy Start.... and a giveaway!!

{sponsored post from Mums United and The Heart Foundation }

Being a busy mum of five girls I often feel that I should be doing more to promote a more active and a more healthy lifestyle in our home.....but where do you start?

Well recently I took part in a Mums United - Heart Foundation Challenge which was perfectly timed as the focus was on improving our family's health by making simple changes in our diet such as looking for Heart Foundation approved products.....and by increasing our exercise, starting with simple things like a walk around the block.

As part of the challenge we were sent some wonderful Heart Foundation approved recipes.  So I decided that that was the place to start.  You can check out the recipes for yourself at the Heart Foundation website by clicking here .

With a few family members popping around for a visit I decided that the banana cake from the website was the way to go.....here's the recipe....

At first I thought this would mean a quick trip to the shops but I was actually surprised that some of the ingredients right there in my fridge and pantry were already Heart Foundation tick products.....

So I was able to get straight to making the cake which was an easy to follow recipe.

When all the ingredients had been combined it was into the cake tin and into the oven.

The aroma of the cake cooking was torture....it smelt so good!  Time was up and the cake came out of the oven looking wonderful.

As soon as it had cooled I whipped up the icing and put it on the cake....just in time for our afternoon tea with the family.

The cake was devoured by all with high accolades received.  When I revealed to all that this was in fact a healthier version of banana cake the requests for the recipe were overwhelming !

So the cake was a hit and it was simple to make the changes to Heart Foundation tick products (though most for this recipe I already had!).....

Next I think I will pop over to the website for some dinner inspiration....check back next week and I'll share the results!!

But wait.....

Here's some good news.....thanks to Mums United and The Heart Foundation I have a 
$200 supermarket voucher to give away.....so now you too can go shopping for some Heart Foundation tick products....

Here's all you have to do to be in with a chance to win...

*  pop over and 'like' my Facebook page.....just click on the button on the top right of this blog
*  post a comment below on this blog and tell me which of the recipes from the Heart Foundation website tickles your fancy the most.....and why?
*  please include your email address in the post so we can contact you if you are the lucky winner

terms and conditions
-  competition closes  at midnight on Tuesday 8th October 2013
-  competition is open to Australian residents only
-  only one entry per household
-  we will be looking for original and creative answers
-  judges decision is final
-  winner will be announced here on the blog on Tuesday 15th October 2013

So pop on over to the Heart Foundation website, check out all of their wonderful recipes and remember to pop back here and complete your entry....feel free to share the competition with family and friends too...and good luck !!!!!


  1. As a chocoholic, to see a heart foundation ticked approved recipe for Choc hazelnut cupcakes with choc raspberry sauce makes me ridiculously excited!! After losing 32kg, my sneaky love for chocolate and for baking for other people is still as strong as ever, and I'm excited to try these out for not only my upcoming Birthday High Tea, but also to make for our work fundraiser to help out a riding centre for Disabled Children.... these would be a massive hit for young and old, cos who can resist chocolate that looks this amazing AND is healthy! Love it!


  2. I love my pancakes - Pancakes with strawberry and passionfruit sounds divine!! My favourite two fruits on my favourite recipe. Yummo!!!

  3. I love the Chickpea, pumpkin and eggplant curry, you can add any vegetables you want, and even meat if you prefer it that way, tasty and healthy meal for the family.

  4. the banana cake i love it tracywedding@hotmail.com

  5. I'm looking forward to trying the Mango and passionfruit breakfast smoothie with my daughters. Sometimes cereal and toast just doesn't cut it! kelster.ryan83@gmail.com

  6. I already make energy balls but the Apricot and oat balls sounds delish and something different and healthy for me and my family... fundraising2012@bigpond.com

  7. The Mango and passionfruit breakfast smoothie sounds delish!!

  8. Oh if only I knew, that I could have had my cake and eaten it too!
    Instead I settled for near starvation or drove myself crazy, avoiding temptation.
    But I’m thrilled to have found a healthier option, in the Banana Cake recipe from the Heart Foundation.


  9. I'm going to be cooking cheesy vegetable muffins - I think they will be a great addition to school lunch boxes! They are also a great way to sneakily add more veges to the families diet!

  10. Chocolate berry slice is my favourite Heart Foundation treat,
    It's so delicious no one can tell it's healthy to eat!
    Sweet and chocolatey with a berry zing,
    This dessert makes me sing!


  11. Strawberry Pancakes, we love our weekend big breakfasts. Only time of the week we all eat brekkie together... Thanks ♥

  12. Prawn Rice Paper Rolls for my Family
    Tasty snacks made at home more healthily
    Get that Omega and Veggie Greatness
    Full of Flavour and Total Yumminess
    A Snack that fits like a glove
    With those Prawns we all Love


  13. The Mushroom Breakfast Pies look like something I could make in advance and have ready for busy mornings. Perfect for this working mum!


  14. Fresh Berries with Philadelphia. It's a dessert. It's quick, healthy, delicious, and there's no cooking involved.


  15. Chickpea, Pumpkin and Eggplant Curry, because these three ingredients are my favourites. My 6-yr-old daughter eats chickpeas by the tin so she's sure to love this one too.

  16. The Moroccan-style mushroom tagine, because I love Moroccan food (hope to get there one day!) and love mushrooms. Gonna make it tonight I think!

  17. We love our Mexican (which isn't always heart heart healthy) and since my 31 yr old husband had a massive heart attack in March we try to have heart healthy foods for the most part, so the Slow cooked beef tortillas is a recipe we would love and have yet to try!


  18. I'm a big fan of the quick and easy options for meals so I would go the Steamed Salmon with Lemon Risotto and Steamed Broccolini. Dinner fit for royalty but able to be cooked by a dunce!

  19. I sat down with my Miss 10 and Mr 6 and we had a look through recipes together. Their stand out favourite was the Aloha rice....love that it works for lunchboxes. I now have a standing order for back to school. Love it!


  20. The Spinach and Fetta Quiche looks great. I've always felt guilty eating quiche...so fatty, but oh, so yummy. It will be nice to bite into a slice of quiche guilt-free.

  21. Turkey, Mango and Macadamia Salad because it reminds me of a "turkey mishap" I had last Christmas. I need to give you a little of the history behind the event for you to appreciate its' full value.

    Years ago when I was a kid my family would go on road trips and holidays. This would consist of my little brother and I in the back, Mum in the front and Dad in the "drivers" seat. Whenever Dad seemed to drive erratically (in my Mum and my eyes!) Mum and I would see "funny tree". You see Dad is an aggressive driver and often on long journeys, when Dad was driving this way, Mum and I would have a private joke and one of us would say "Look there's one of those trees!" - which meant Dad was driving badly!

    This all started over 25 years ago. Whenever we'd say it Dad would say "Where? I don't know why I can't see these "bloody" trees!” which sent Mum and I into hysterics! He grew more frustrated as the years went by and he still couldn't spot the funny short, "African" looking tree Mum and myself "saw"!
    Every time we would do it, it became funnier and funnier and we would laugh our heads off!

    These days I am married and when Mum and Dad come to visit for Christmas last year I asked her if she saw any of those "funny trees" and she responded yes! We laugh every time until our sides hurt and Dad says we are both nuts! Well, I stupidly said "Oh yes those trees are everywhere even around here!". To which my father replied can you show me one?". I told him I sure could and the next thing I knew he has dragged us all outside to look for these trees!

    We walked a few blocks with Dad demanding to see one and I told him we were close, then I said "Oh, no it looks like they have cut it down it was in the backyard of that place!!". I looked over at Mum who was trying not to laugh. Dad was totally frustrated having not seen one of these trees still and he wasn't in a great mood when I served up BURNT turkey lunch either. I had totally forgotten about the oven and smoke was pouring out the oven when we returned!

    These moments are the happiest, funniest moment I have had with my Dad but if he ever finds out it has been a joke for over 25 years this post may well become the "worst"! Ha, ha!

    So for these reasons I think the turkey salad sounds like a great refreshing, summer dish and perfect for Christmas this year!

  22. Satay Beef Skewers with cucumber salad, it sounds delicious and I'm raring to try so many of those recipes because at least I know that its the healthier option..

  23. Pumpkin Frittata, the perfect Summer lunch,
    All-Bran Fibre Toppers added with stealth,
    Ideal for sneaking into kids' lunch boxes,
    For added inner-health!
    Divine with a Garden Salad,
    Perfect served hot or cold,
    With spinach, capsicum, garlic and herbs,
    As much goodness as the pan will hold!
    Add extra vegies or change the herbs,
    And repeating the recipe will seem new...
    Absolutely delicious every time,
    Healthy for your heart...and you!


  24. Kibbeh skewers with beetroot yoghurt,
    it looks delicious, healthy, and not all bulgur,
    I could convince the kids they are hot dogs on a stick,
    just like the ones they saw at the fair,
    I could call the yoghurt Fairy Floss dip,
    definitely a yummy 'hearty' meal that deserves my tick!

  25. It has to be Sweet Potato and Lentil soup for me
    This will surely feed my three hungry kids and ravenous husband, cheaply. With Christmas around the corner I am looking at cheap and cheerful recipes that enable us to save some money for the ever important Christmas presents, this soup could be made extremely cheaply and best of all it has our favourite spice cumin, yummo off to try it for tonights dinner. macemesmum@hotmail.com

  26. Sticky date and pecan apples! Delicious and healthy.

  27. Mmmmm, the Spinach and Feta Quiche.
    I love feta, I love spinach and I love quiche.
    And I'm a lazy cook, my attention span is only about 15 minutes in the kitchen so this is a nice, quick recipe.

  28. Having a hubby who has a heart condition I find all the recipes inspirational, this is my favourite, Prawn rice paper rolls healthy snacks are the hardest things to find. lynndi_lou1@hotmail.com

  29. I am loving a CHOCOLATE dish that is approved by the Heart Foundation, Blueberry cake, its great for dessert or just for people who pop in.

  30. Did someone say healthy junk food?!
    Three-step Sausage Rolls for me - and the kids - and I'll add some grated carrot to ramp up the TICK-ability even more! WINNER!

  31. Chickpea, pumpkin and eggplant curry sounds divine and vegetarian goodness

  32. The banana cake! All kids love cakes, All kids love bananas... It's a win win :) shannonabraham88@hotmail.com

  33. Thai prawn curry, as I love Thai cuisine and it's very quick and easy to make. It's very delicious and healthy to consume.

  34. The Heart Foundation's Tandoori Chicken Burger's TICKles
    my indian loving tastebud's fancy as well as my family's love of burgers.


  35. Sausage, Balsamic,and Rocket Roll, usually the devil sitting on my left shoulder would make me do it, but with a little help from Heart Smart and Peppercorn, the Angel on the right gets to have her way !

  36. Delicious Peach & Almond Tarts...
    Scrumptious, tasty... GOOD FOR MY HEART!
    A dessert that gives me inspiration...
    For a family treat or a CELEBRATION!!!

  37. Oops...forgot to put my email address in:


  38. ● • ◦ ° o ● • ◦ ° o ● • ◦ ° o

    My son's kinder has a rule,
    Banning foods that make kids drool,
    But the Heart Foundation's recipe,
    Energy Balls (with figs and sesame),
    Would be healthy fuel!

    ● • ◦ ° o ● • ◦ ° o ● • ◦ ° o

    By ripplesidekate@gmail.com

  39. Ever since my Husband had a heart attack 4 years ago I often go to the heart foundation website and look for recipes. We both really love the Sweet Chilli and basil stir fry with crispy noodles. We sometimes swap the pork for chicken breast.


  40. Banana cake love bananas recently diagnosed with cardiomyopathy following angiogram love the Heart Foundation website very helpful.

  41. I'll be flippin' ''Flat Out" making the strawberry pancakes...yummm!


  42. I love, quick and healthy for lunch on the go. Speedy tuna and tomato salad tickled my fancy and it can be prepared the night before. It even tickled hubby and its so easy he managed to make his own :)

    thanks santillo.kerry@yahoo.com.au

  43. Tuna Nicoise! This looks really yummy and I think my 18 month old will eat it too. Very easy to make and only 25 minutes.

  44. I have made some recipes from the Heart Foundation before, just a couple of dinner recipes and my family and I really enjoyed them. I'm always on the look out for new and exciting and most importantly healthy alternative recipes. I would love to try and make the sticky date pudding next as my family loves sticky date puddings and this heart foundation recipe sounds so yummy!

  45. Thai Green Curry with Fish. Nothing enlivens the senses like Thai food. Sometimes a little too much. But what's good for the heart is good for the soul.

  46. Thai fish cakes with wok cooked beans,
    Good for the brain as well as the heart,
    Just watch your portions, know what I mean?
    Those beans will really make you fart!!


  47. Pancakes with strawberry and passionfruit for a Sunday breakfast treat that would have me leaping out of bed and forgetting all about the chance to sleep in! I love to start the day off right and find that eating a healthy breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day, I just can't believe something so delicious gets the big tick... Winner!

    Thanks for the chance :) charlottescotton (at ) gmail (dot) com

  48. I'd have to try the Strawberry Pancakes, we've got strawberries rolling in from our garden at the moment, so it's strawberry madness around here!

  49. Mango & passionfruit smoothie gets my tick;
    so quick to prepare, does the trick.
    Full of goodness to get me on my way;
    knowing it's heart healthy, great start to the day.

    Thanks for making me aware of this site & the chance to win in more ways than one. zingaraqueen@gmail.com

  50. always calorie-packing,
    eating and snacking,
    a roasted eggplant dip,
    would be so easy to whip,
    family-friendly, guest-worthy,
    and HEALTHY most importantly!

    Thank you for the chance! imsneggy(at)gmail(dot)com xx