Friday, 13 March 2015

PJ's at 4pm...

Yep it is 4pm Friday are my pj's are on!

It's been a full on week and I've been dealing with the flu on top of everything else that's going on!  This week we had hubby's birthday, I did an early morning shift at canteen to help them get through the 190+ sandwiches that they had to make for a special event, I survived a year 5 excursion to Chinatown, my sisters came over one day and we had a huge day of sorting for my upcoming garage sale...and then there was today....

It went a bit like this....

Wake up at 6am with the usual flu symptoms but today they are accompanied by a killer sore throat.

Get all the girls out the door and off to school on time.

Do my year 1 reading group....cheered because there were only three kids on my list today.....cried when I saw how many words there were on every single page of the reader!

Miss 10 was due to run her cross country race at 9.30am.....race started late.

Watch miss 10 do two laps of her cross country race and then grab miss 6 and make a dash to her specialists appointment as a follow up to her day surgery.

Arrive at the hospital parking station with all of 5 minutes til our park full....what the??  Have no idea where else to park but come to the realization that as a car leaves a car can enter.  Wait at the boom gate like a stalker til a car leaves, grab my ticket, drive around to find where that one car left from, park, grab miss 6 out of the car and make a speedy dash to our appointment.

Wait approximately 40 minutes to be seen by the doctor.

See the doctor, all is going well at the moment, instructions are to make an appointment for one months time.

Return to the front desk where you need to take a number to wait in the queue to then make your appointment...ain't nobody got time for that!  I'll call them next week!

Grab miss 6, make a dash down stairs, race to the vending machine for the treat I had bribed her with, grab said treat and race to the car park.  Pay for parking, jump in the car and head back to school.

Virtually run into school so that miss 6 does not miss her cross country race....races have been stopped for the moment and lunch break is being had.

Wait for lunch break to be over, eventually see miss 6 run her race...yay!  Miss 6 claims that she wasn't to come home...eek!

Sweetly convince miss 6 to stay at school....another yay!

Rush out of school, drive to local shops to return a few clothing items....plan to spend the money that had just been refunded on more clothing items but nothing leapt out at me.

To the fish shop to buy something for dinner because I like to follow a no meat Friday during lent.  Buy fish and some prawns...with no real idea what I am going to so with them!

Go to supermarket for potatoes and salad heaps more than fits in my basket...why didn't I get a trolley....ugh!!

Back to the car and home to unload the groceries.

Leave home to check our post office box and then drive back to school for the afternoon assembly.

Pick up children, wait for older girls bus, drop miss 17 off to the library and return home to prepare dinner.

So now can you see why I am in my pj's and refusing to budge!!!!  Tonight you will find me on the couch....and if it turns out that I have to drive to pick up miss 17 when she is done I can pretty much guarantee that I will be doing it in my pj's!!

Did you have a crazy busy week too?  What are your Friday night plans?


  1. I felt exhausted just reading that! I often change into my PJs as soon as I get in from work and have been known to spend all day in my PJs at weekends! PJ Day - that's a "thing"! Hope your weekend was more restful and relaxing!

    1. A big yes to PJ days!! Thanks for stopping by!