Thursday, 19 September 2013

10 years......

Last post I was after ways to stop my flow of tears but today I am letting them flow freely.

Today marks ten years since my lovely nephew passed away....way too soon.

Today's tears flow for my nephew who is still so sorely missed.
Today's tears flow for my sister who despite her own personal tragedy is always there for everyone else.

Today's tears flow for my brother-in-law who lost his son, his best friend
Today's tears flow for my niece who lost her only sibling.

It is hard to believe that ten years have passed.  I can still remember so clearly the night that I received the fateful phone call telling me of the terrible accident.  I remember the urgency of knowing that I just had to get to the hospital.  There was no precedent to follow.  Our lives were on some sort of crazy auto pilot for the following days, weeks and months.

Time has passed but our hearts still ache.  But as my brother-in-law said is a very say day but we have 21 years of wonderful memories to celebrate.

Rest in peace.......

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