Friday, 24 July 2015

HomeHello House Cleaning Review and Giveaway!!!!

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With 5 kids, 1 hubby, 2 cats, never ending sport and work commitments, after school activities etc... I am hard pressed to get the dishes done and the uniforms washed before BAM the week starts all over again!!!!

If things are the same in your part of the world then I think I may have just found the answer to our problem!!

Let me introduce you to 'HomeHello' house cleaning services.

The few times in the past that I have used a house cleaning service required grabbing the local paper and checking for local cleaners or resorting to good 'ol Google to help find somebody....then it was a case of calling around, checking prices, available times etc... a hassle in itself.

But not anymore!!!

With HomeHello you pop over to their website, enter your postcode, select a few details about your house such as number of bedrooms and bathrooms, whether or not you will be supplying the cleaning products etc..  next you enter your contact details.  The next screen that pops us shows you what days are on a day and then the available times pop up, choose whether you want your clean to be a one off, weekly, fortnightly etc..  and then on the next screen you enter your payment details and your done....your appointment is is totally that easy!!

Prices start at $25/hr for a weekly or fortnightly clean or $29/hr for a one off booking.

So what is included in the clean....

In the living areas they will dust (yes dust!! I cannot remember the last time I dusted!), mop, vacuum, empty rubbish!!  

In the kitchen they will dust, wipe the exterior of appliances, oven and fridge, wipe inside and exterior of microwave, clean and sanitize the sink (yes sanitize!!!! ) and they will wash and dry dishes.

In the bedroom they will make the bed (yes make the bed!!!!!), organize and fold clothes, wipe down furniture, mirrors and fixtures, dust, mop, vacuum and empty the rubbish.

In the bathroom they will dust, wipe all surfaces and fixtures, fold and hang towels, wash and scrub toilet, bath, shower and sink (yes wash and scrub!!!) vacuum and mop floors and empty the rubbish.

Additional services include cleaning inside cabinets, cleaning interior windows, cleaning inside your fridge....and wait for it.....oven cleaning (omg oven cleaning !!!!!!!)

HomeHello guarantee that their network of cleaners are experiences, police/reference checked and insured and monitored for quality assurance.

You can pop over to the HomeHello website to find out more.  And why not check out their blog which is full of cleaning and decluttering tips!

Seriously HomeHello sounds like the answer to my prayers!!!

And now for the fun part!!!  A giveaway!!!!

Thanks to the lovely team at HomeHello I have one 3 hour house cleaning voucher to giveaway (valued at $97).

I was thinking that we might add a random act of kindness quality to the giveaway by allowing the winner to give the voucher away to a family member, a friend or a colleague if they choose.....

So in order to enter the competition here's what you have to do.....

*   pop over and LIKE my Facebook page Mum Of Five Girls  
*  then come back here and leave an answer to this question in the comments below (please include your email address so that we can contact you if you are the lucky winner!!)


Terms and Conditions:

1.  Please note that HomeHello only operate in Sydney and Melbourne at this stage so the winner or the person that you intend to give the voucher to must live in one of these two       states.
2.  Competition is open to Australian residents only
3.  One entry per person.
4.  The winner will be chosen by Mum Of five Girls based on the most creative answer
5.  Competition starts on Friday 24th July at 8.00am AEST and ends on Friday 7th August at 5.00pm AEST
6.  The winner will be announced on my Facebook page on Monday 10th August and will     be contacted via their email address


  1. Oh cleaning. I honestly would do anything to outsource it! And what a great idea for a giveaway! I would love to give this to my friend Brodie who has just had a newborn. She doesn't have 5 kids but 2 is enough under 2 with a hubby working all the time and I would love to give her a break in those hazy first month of having a newborn.

  2. Oh how I dream of a cleaner like this. I'm in Queensland though.

    1. You could enter for a friend or family member in Sydney or Melbourne Karin!

  3. I've been very tempted by the HomeHello service but they're not in my town. Still - great giveaway. What joy to have a clean house that didn't involve your own elbow grease ;-)

    1. Love a clean house that I didn't have to clean!!

  4. I wish I could enter, but they don't do my area. Cleaning is absolutely awesome, either as a prize or a present. We could all use a break from cleaning. x

  5. Myself!! I work two jobs night and day and sometimes cleaning is a mission as sometimes you need to choose between cleaning or sleeping you can't have both. This sounds amazing x

  6. My husband - so he could give it to me for my birthday!

  7. Lucy Fracassi Robins27 July 2015 at 16:02

    I would give this to my friend Chris. She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and has had surgery and will still require chemotherapy. She has 2 young children. I had breast cancer last year and I know the demands. I think this would help her a lot!

  8. My Mum after being in Guides over 40 years.
    Helping girls succeed with their peers.
    From survival and hiking,
    Trying everything, even when it’s not to her liking.
    Always giving to everyone,
    If she didn't clean she'd have some time for fun!

    Don't want to post email publicly, but you should be able to contact me via Facebook or my newsletter subscription.

  9. What a cool service!! We used to have a cleaner and it took me ages to find one!!! It was definitely a word of mouth thing! This would be so much easier.

  10. I'd give this to my mum. She's so busy running around after everyone, that this would be a great treat for her

  11. Is it cheating if I said I'd give it to my he could 'surprise' me? ;)

  12. I would give it to my mother because she's worked so hard to take care of us 3 girls on a single wage her whole life and now she takes care of the grandchildren almost full time which doesn't leave much time to clean. My email address is

  13. Suburban mother, under house arrest,
    Chained to chores, I know Denise detests,
    Still my bestie, spends everyday giving,
    Just so her family can enjoy every aspect of living.

  14. It's the gift I give me husband - to give to me for my birthday.

  15. It's the gift I give my husband - to give to me for my birthday.

  16. the littlies,one visually impaired. Husband working away, house being renovated. Help!

  17. Love this blog... I have 3 girls & they are amazing. Looks like you have so much fun with yours. Thanks for the advice on the financials. This is so true. It's how you think about everything in life. What you think - is what you are. More positive thinking all round :)