Thursday, 6 June 2013

Down Hill....

Okay so not that I have many posts to base this data on....but from what I do have I can clearly see that most of my posts come out early in the quite clearly it all goes down hill in my household from about Tuesday onwards !!!!

Every week seems to be the same....not enough hours, not enough energy, not enough organisation, not enough planning, not enough motivation......not enough of anything except mess !!!!!!

I try to start the week with some level of snacks are divided up for the week, lunches are planned and prepared ahead where possible, uniforms are all washed and ironed, the nightly meals are planned and shopped for..... sounding okay so far hey......

BUT!!!!  then every afternoon except Fridays we have after school activities, throw in a few meetings that I have to the last week I have been to a Yr 11 2014 subject choices meeting, a primary school P&F meeting (yep I'm the fundraising co-ordinator) and a meeting concerning the introduction of a program to make ipads compulsory for years 8 & 9 in 2014 (great I will have a daughter in each of these years...diminishing bank balance!)....throw a sick Miss 4 on top of that....and yes you have it....disaster !!!!

And I mean real disaster.....not just the 'oh please excuse the mess' comment that most people throw at you when you visit their pristine homes!!! 

I mean the... just wait while I move that pile of washing from the lounge chair so you can sit down....I'd offer you a cup of tea but the dishes haven't been done this week.... umm no it would be preferable if you didn't use the bathroom...and no there is nothing to see in the backyard.....DISASTER....!!!

And to top it off Miss 15's maths tutor comes on a off I go to clear a path from the front door out to the dining table....whilst closing all other doors where possible and hiding everything else that I can...fingers crossed he doesn't need to use the bathroom !!!

Somehow I have to turn this weekly state of disaster around....I need to stop the down hill slide that starts early every week.....hmmmm wish me luck !!!!!

Not a great blog.....just crazy ramblings from a busy busy mum wishing that the cleaning fairy would ready the house for this afternoon !!!!!!

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