Saturday, 8 June 2013

I Chose.....

'C'....go back to bed !!  (Just in case you missed the compelling choices you can find them just below in the previous blog!!)

Once the 3 eldest were safely off to the bus stop this morning I quietly snuck back into was so warm and cozy!!  Sadly it was not long before I had to get up as I heard a van pull up out the front and knew it was a delivery hubby has been waiting on all week.  But still any extra time spent in bed is a bonus in my eyes!

But now in the light of day the overwhelming disaster in the kitchen can no longer be seriously needs some work if we ever plan to cook or eat again....

So sadly this is where the rest of my day will be spent.....  Here's a little photo evidence of the disaster zone....hopefully I can pop back later today with an update if my dishpan hands will be able to type :-)

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