Friday, 7 June 2013

A...B...or...C ??

Ok so tomorrow Miss 8 has a pupil free day and  Miss 4 has nothing once I get the older three off to the bus stop I am going out, no dropping off....nothing til I walk down to the corner at 3.15pm to pick the girls back up from the bus stop.

So herein lies the dilemma.....

When the girls are gone should I.....

A....sort the copious amounts of washing strewn all over the lounges and pack away all of the summer clothes...pretty sure we won't be needing them in a hurry !!

B....clean the kitchen from top to bottom....I mean a full overhaul...cupboards emptied and wiped out, pantry emptied and sorted, benches cleaned til the sparkle, fridge emptied of less than tempting leftovers !!


C....go back to bed....seriously I am exhausted !!!!!

Where would your vote go?  I am leaning towards C though I know I should be doing A or B...but bed is just so warm and cosy!!!!!!!!

We shall see what the morning brings!!!

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