Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Little Bit Heart Broken Today....

Okay so Miss 4 has never been a fan of preschool...and I'm pretty sure she never will be.

But hey, that's okay, I can live with that.  She goes 2 days a week, Monday and Tuesday.  Often the not wanting to go to preschool can start on the weekend as she devises reasons that she will be unable to attend...sometimes she saves the drama til the actual morning of preschool...and then sometimes, on the rare occasion, she heads off there without a fuss at all.

Today was NOT the latter!!!

Today was a full blown anti preschool episode played out in the carpark, the foyer and the kids room of preschool.

Most of it was the usual...she left something in the car, she left something at home, she wanted her other shoes, she didn't want that jumper etc... etc....  These I can deal with no problem at all......they are her little delaying tactics through which she hopes we will return to the car, or better yet home, to fetch whatever it is she needed ....then she hopes with all her might that somehow I will suddenly develop some form of amnesia and completely forget where we were supposed to be going and subsequently she gets to spend a day watching TV....sadly for her this is yet to happen !!!

But today amongst her usual fuss and tears with a few ear-piercing screams for dramatic effect she threw in a little 'what if nobody will play with me?'

Okay I've go to admit she got me with that one.  It truly broke my heart and I could have scooped her up and rushed her back home forever.  But instead I gave her a hug and a kiss and told her that lots of people would love to play with her.....and left a little broken hearted with a tear or two in my eye...... 


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