Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Taxing Time...oops I mean Tax Time...

In my little corner of the world today it is currently about 9 degrees ...chilly .......overcast ....raining .....and overall a bit miserable.

So what does one do with oneself on such an indoors only day...???

Sadly they start doing their tax....a job that I put off...and put off...and put off....until the deadline looms and I usually have to do a 36 hour tax marathon to complete our business and personal taxes on time.

This "tax evasion" on my part could have something to do with the filing system that I am currently using...

hmmm what do you think.....leaves a bit to be desired doesn't it.  Honestly I start every financial year with the best of's just that life (and laziness) gets in the way.

So no more procrastinating.....I am going to start as soon as I've turned on the heater, made a hot chocolate, washed the floor, baked a cake, oh and written a blog....... I promise !!!

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