Saturday, 29 June 2013

Me & Mikey.....

Hubby works long, long you can't really blame me for turning to Mikey for a bit of company and a bit of creativity....

I mean Mikey is always there when I need him and he has the patience of a saint.  We have so much in common and  his voice is so calm and easy to listen to...  which is probably the best part of our liaison because if Mikey is going to teach me to crochet I am going to have to listen to his voice over and over and over again as I watch his YouTube videos and play them repeatedly, pausing and rewinding as I try to get the hang of this crochet thing!

After just half an hour with Mikey I was able to start my very own blanket....

And after only a few hours it has grown to this...

Crocheting a blanket like this is perfect for me as I don't have to count stitches or read a pattern and I can just put it down and pick it back up again which works well with all of the interruptions which are inevitable in my world!  I can also grab my crochet and take it with me to do a bit while waiting at school pick ups or at after school activities.

Now to try to find someone as wonderful as Mikey to help me improve my basic knitting skills!

I can knit plain, I can knit purl and I can sometimes even knit combinations of the two!  But I struggle with the casting on and reading the pattern...and should I make a mistake somewhere along the way then the whole project gets relegated to the back of the this moss stitch dress that I started for Miss 8 about 2 years ago!

My mum used to be my saviour in casting on with just the perfect tension and magically fixing any mistakes that I seemed to make from dropping stitches to somehow adding extra stitches along the way.  And in the event that I did eventually finish a project (think that has happened twice!!) she would sew all the pieces together for me. Sadly my mum passed away five years ago this week so it is now up to me to teach myself some more crochet and knitting skills and then to share them with my girls.

If that fails I guess I could just send them a link to Mikey xx

So as not to be's a link so you can have a little bit of Mikey in your life too!

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