Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Weekend is Upon Us....

I have just been struck with the realisation that the weekend is rapidly approaching.....and if we have the energy that could mean a family outing on Sunday....'yay' you say....yeah well you have not seen that state of the family car....seriously it is sooo bad that I couldn't even bring myself to take a before photo for this blog.....

And we all know how hubby's hate a messy looks like my afternoon will be spent trying to return the car to some state of I go armed with more than a few plastic bags....don't hold your breath waiting for my return......

 :-(          :-(            :-(          :-(          :-(            :-(          :-(           :-(            :-(            :-(

Okay so I'm back....some hour and a half would have been longer if I could have maintained my initial high level of attention to detail...but my 'it'll do' level of attention to detail took over after a while....seriously it might even rain on Sunday....or flood, or we might all be sick, or we might all sleep in, so why be so pedantic when this outing might not even happen....

Ok it was pretty gross in there !!!!!  So this will remain a photo-less blog !!!  Here's a bit of what I managed to salvage from the car....

3 school notes requiring permission slips signed and returned...thankfully for three different daughters so that kinda shares the parental incompetence around a bit.

1 high school blazer.... at the price these things cost they should be mounted and framed...or at least hung on a coat hanger dear daughters.  I am sure I have no single item of clothing that even comes close to the price of these.

A considerable portion of Miss 4's wardrobe....some clean...some not so clean.

2 school drink bottles....looks like some people will be thirsty today!

Ah ha my shoes that I have searched the house for over the past few days.

2 violin music books.

2 blankets....well now that's justifiable surely...sometimes it gets cold at sporting activities.

4 teddy bears of varying sizes.

1 doll.

2 tupperware bowls and 1 spoon

4 pencils and 1 pencil sharpener.

2 pairs of pull ups....unused thankfully!

1 pair of scissors.

4 hair elastics and 7 bobby pins...treasure trove !

$3.85....great if you don't mind sticky coins in your purse!

1 Sewing machine...okay so it may sound a tad odd but there is a simple explanation...Thursday nights Miss 12 does sewing lessons which is BYO sewing machine...and given my laziness upon our return home at 9.20pm it stayed in the car overnight!

Crumbs....crumbs....and more crumbs....Hansel and Gretel would have been envious of the amount of crumbs we had.

A magnum no seriously I have no idea where that came from...really I don't  ;-)

There you have it....the car is now presentable.....if you don't count the fingerprints all over the windows...and that bird poop that I am hoping the next lot of rain will wash off.  But the house on the other hand.....well I now have 3 bags of rubbish, 2 extra loads of washing waiting in the laundry, a bunch of teddies and toys to put away.....

Tomorrow I might even take the car to the servo and tackle that big vacuum cleaner thingy...and even get a squirt of lovely air freshener....  whoa getting carried away....more realistically  that's probably not going to happen!

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