Sunday, 16 June 2013

What is my Sanity Worth ......

Miss 4 may be small in stature....but she is big in fact if we were marking her on her persistence she would get an A+ every time.

A few weeks ago she ventured out to the supermarket with hubby....a rare event that she leaves without me....

Anyhow she comes home with photo evidence on hubby's iPhone of all the things she saw at the shop that she now expects me to purchase over time.....that is over a very short space of time in her mind....not so in my mind.

Some of the things were negotiable, some she decided she didn't need or want, some she decided to swap for something else etc..

But sadly the one thing that she has not forgotten are the Monsters Inc soft toys which are currently adorning nearly every inch of shelf space  (at least I think they are Monsters Inc...I could be wrong!)...they are throughout the fruit n veg section, they are next to the milk section, far out they are just basically everywhere.

Every day for the past three weeks...EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. ... she has asked if we are going to buy the monster today.  Far out I don't even want to buy a Monsters Inc toy....ever.....and at $29 that is never ever.  So I have used up every excuse I can think of....we are not going to the shops today, they don't have them anymore, the shops are closed right now, perhaps for your birthday, maybe you could ask Santa, I don't have enough money.....oh and simply NO!!!

Well last night she took matters into her own hands.....she searched around the house and found her purse....dropped out all of her coins.....had Miss 8 count them for her....and then announces that she has money so we can go to the shops tomorrow and buy the monster.  Further questioning reveals that she only has $8.75.....

Triumphantly I announce that she doesn't have enough money so will have to wait until she does to buy the {gosh damn stupid} monster.  She thinks it over....goes away for a moment....... returns.....and announces that now she has enough and we can go and buy the monster tomorrow.....

OMG!!!!!!!  Maybe I should just buy the {friggin} monster before she does my head in and I completely lose the small amount of sanity that I have left. 

So it seems that my sanity is worth a grand total of $29...or more accurately $20.25 if I take Miss 4's coins into account !!

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