Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Year 12 ... here we come...

It is hard to believe that this term marks the start of year 12 for miss 16.  I still remember her first day of kindergarten like it was yesterday!

Today she is packed up and off to the year 12 retreat for the next three days.  Even though she is almost 17 and has been at school for some 12 years now it can still be a little bit sad to send her off on these camps and retreats etc...  The reason for that is not everybody has been taught to play nice.

The school may see it as a lovely time of reflection spent with peers.  But in reality it will no doubt be a time for girls to judge what other girls are wearing, what brand luggage they have, how much or how little they have packed, what lollies they have brought...and on and on it will go.

Miss 16 is not really into all of that and has packed her bag based on comfort given that they will be sitting around 'reflecting' for the best part of three days....and good on her for doing so.

Here's hoping that they are kept busy so that there is no time for idle gossip, lets hope the food is edible (or else that is all we will hear about when she returns home!!) and lets hope everyone has their playing nice smiles on!

Argh I hate school more as a parent than I did as a child !!!


  1. Oh gosh school is so tough! Having worked in high schools, the stuff that goes on is just nasty at times! And I'm dreading it for my little girls!! At least you've nearly got one through the gauntlet.... only 4 more to go! :)

    1. School is definitely tough as a parent...but as you say I am almost one down four to go :-0 !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Google hates me, and I think my comment didn't post! So jic, here it is again!

    I hate my kids going to school more than I hated going to school too!

    Last year my two oldest girls finished Yr12. I found - thankfully - that study took over wasting time with school yard cabbage that I had dealt with for all the years before.

    I hope the three days went without incident and your young Miss had a great time :)

    MC xo

    1. Oh glad your comment came this time!! Oh Miss Cinders I hope we find the same that study fills their time in year 12 rather than all the other crap!!
      Miss 16 came home from her retreat happy enough...and the food was edible so yay for that too! Thanks for stopping by!

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  4. I agree school life as a parent is hard I'm still at the early days of school with our girls but it has started already in year 2! Encouraging lots of sport and other interests at this stage! Love your blog

    1. Hi Vicki and welcome!
      I never realized that sometimes sending the girls to school would be the hardest thing to do!
      I agree that out of school activities are so the kids a chance to meet other kids from different places.
      Thanks for your kind words and thanks for stopping by!