Thursday, 9 October 2014

11 weeks til Christmas....

Oh wow I think I am making myself nervous now!!  The weeks are counting down so quickly!
11 weeks of school plus all of the concerts and performances and end of year festivities...but best of all 11 weeks til we are on holidays!!  Can you tell that I love holidays! They are often few and far between due to the cost so when we can manage a holiday I get a wee bit (over) excited!!

This week I am continuing on with the thongs theme of last weeks biscuits (check them out here..) but this week it is in the area of decorating!  I couldn't choose between these two thong decorations... I just love them both!

Now given that we will be on the coast it would be wrong of us not to include some fresh seafood in our Christmas day menu and I love the look of these prawn skewers on the barbeque...perfect because they can be prepared ahead of time and because they will cook so quickly!!  This is making me so hungry right now!!

And lastly I am still on the lookout for Christmas presents for the girls.  I found these little shorts for the younger girls...they so cute!!

Hmm sooner or later I am actually going to have to start making purchases rather than just window shopping online!!!

So only 11 weeks to go....have you started to think Christmas yet or are you still in denial haha!!


  1. Thanks for the reminder! There's alot to get through between now and then!

    1. It will certainly go quickly Stephanie!!