Saturday, 4 October 2014

Cabin Fever Cure...

These school holidays have seen us a bit more housebound than usual as myself and a few of the girls succumbed to a debilitating stomach bug.  Thankfully we have all recovered now but with the recovery came a strong sense of cabin get me out of !!!!!!

The cure for that was to take the girls out to ride their bikes for the day.....something we haven't done for way too long.

So on Thursday hubby checked all the bikes, pumped up the tyres, loaded up the trailer...and we set off for Wentworth Common at Homebush....a place we used to frequent years ago.

The weather was especially kind to us and once we arrived the girls we off riding.  Miss 5 hadn't ridden a bike before so she was a little hesitant...but seriously withing 5  minutes she had the hang of it and she was off.

Before too long the girls were riding up the hill together.  Hubby and I walked up to meet them at the top and survey the views of Homebush and beyond.

The girls continued to ride...and ride....and ride!  We used the barbeque facilities to have a late lunch and then had a play at the playground.

Then the girls did a few final laps whilst hubby and I packed up our stuff and we head home....hopeful that some five hours of bike riding and playing would have worn the girls out.  We were wrong!  

A day out in the sunshine was exactly what was needed to cure that cabin fever though.....and hopefully we can make it back to Wentworth Common again in the near future.

I hope you all survived the school holidays...did you manage to get out and about and enjoy some of the glorious weather?

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