Friday, 24 October 2014

9 weeks til Christmas....

Okay I am starting to scare myself now....we are down to single digits in our weekly countdown to Christmas....oh my gosh!!

As you know we are going away at Christmas that is now 9 weeks til holiday and Christmas...'squeal'... double the excitement!!!

My search for beach themed Christmas craft, decorations and food, as well as presents for the girls that will give the 'wow' factor but won't take up all the room in the trailer, has continued this week and this is what I have found...

Check out these starfish Santas....they are just so cute and so beachy...perfect!!

Once I saw these reindeer drinks  I just couldn't go without posting them...they are such a clever idea....and if we experience our usual hot summers Christmas day drinks will be high on the list of priorities, especially for the girls....these will definitely be making an appearance !!

Now my girls are no strangers to social media...but I must admit they are limited in what they have access to... they have started a blog (it's in it's early days)...shameless can check it out here and they enjoy photography so they have an instagram account linked to the can check it out here.   So I couldn't resist adding this cute Instagram purse to the virtual shopping list....  It is handmade from Spanish wool felt and is just oh so adorable!!

Feeling like I need to get my act together and get some more 'real' shopping's just that 'virtual window shopping' whilst in my pj's is so much more fun !!!

So come on are you going with your Christmas shopping...have you started yet...only .9 weeks and counting !!!!

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