Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The sleepover that hospital !!!

Yesterday I was reminiscing with my sister about our girls and their many sleepovers when they were younger.

With my sisters 2 girls and my 3 at the time, between us we had 5 girls aged 6, 4 and a half, 4, 2 and a half and sleepovers were pretty full on...probably more so for my sister who when my girls slept over at her place went from 2 children to 5...a dramatic difference !

There was always lots of laughs to be had over the years....well into the night when they were supposed to sleeping.....and lots of precious memories were made!

We remembered one time when the girls were a bit older and her two daughters slept over at our place with our then 4 girls...the ages were roughly 12, 10 and a half, 10, 8 and a half and 4.  The night had been the usual muffled laughs and giggles well into the night.

The next morning when they awoke my eldest niece who was almost 12 was a little bit wheezy.  She had had asthma since she was young and being asthmatic myself we weren't too panicked ...she seemed okay.  She took some ventolin and sat down to rest.

After a little while the ventolin seemed to not be making her breathing any easier so I got ready to take her down to our local GP when he opened up at 8am.  

I rang my sister before she left for work and said that Miss 12 was a little bit wheezy so I was taking her to see Dr Greg and grabbed her medicare number to make proceedings easier...all good!

Well we got ready and headed off to the doctors so that we would arrive before I didn't have an appointment so wanted to be early.

The doctors surgery opened just before 8am and whilst my niece took a seat I spoke to the receptionist, described the situation and asked to be seen by Dr Greg when he came in.

During the 5-10 minutes that we waited for Dr Greg to arrive my niece deteriorated and was now laying on the seats, feeling hot and feint.

I will never forget picturing Dr Gregs my mind he was probably sitting at home enjoying a cup of coffee and a bite of toast whilst reading the morning paper.  Then it was time for him to make the short drive to work...he was probably thinking that there'd be a few people waiting with coughs and cold, flu injections to be given, probably a baby or two to see...  Just your usual day!!  Then in he walks...

Dr Greg walked into the surgery..surveyed the waiting room....and a look of concern came over his face.  The receptionist told him what was happening and he called my niece and I in.

When he saw her state he assisted her into his room and got her to lay down.  He asked a few questions to assess the situation and next thing I know he is telling me I should park my car in the surgery car park, he is calling an ambulance to take her to hospital.

I go out to move my car and by the time I walk back in, probably some 3 minutes, he has my niece in another of the doctors rooms, he has her on oxygen with a foil blanket covering her. The rapid response ambulance arrives and as the ambulance officer walks into the room where my niece is he is surprised by the lengths Dr Greg has gone to. ...he was like well there's nothing left for me to do lol !!!

Now Miss 12 is a little bit more stabilized the ambulance arrives and it is time to call my sister who was by now on her way to work...the call went a little like this..."oh hey it's just me...yeah it's all good, we've been to the doctor, looks like an asthma attack...oh and yeah we are just going to Westmead hospital so hey maybe you wanna meet us there....yeah no I'm not driving we kinda going in an ambulance.  But don't worry it's all good!  Righto I'll see you soon ...bye!"

Thankfully hubby was at home to look after the other four girls while we went off to hospital in the ambulance.

We arrived there, met up with my sister and miss 12 was kept in for the day for monitoring to try to ease the asthma attack.

She went home that night and rested up for a few days and then she was fine!

Well that was probably the most eventful result of a sleepover that either of us can remember haha!!

Have you had any sleepovers that didn't quite go to plan?  Did they involve an ambulance trip by chance!!

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