Monday, 13 October 2014

Working the Night Shift...

Hubby is a tradie who gets up before the rest of us most days, travels the congested motorway to the city each day does at least 8-10 hours of work and battles the traffic home again....sometimes even making it in time for dinner.

That's pretty much how it goes most of the time...but this week he is working nights...all week!

Okay I'll admit that my first thought when he told me was 'oh yes tinned spaghetti and two minute noodles for dinner'.  Don't get me wrong, hubby is not like some kinda dinner nazi, but I do like to put an effort into providing a nourishing dinner when he is around after all the effort he puts into providing for us each day.

So with him being at work each night this week I feel like I've been given a mini dinner sabbatical...and I am totally going to take advantage of that!

Give me a break, I'm not going to let the children starve.  There is salad cut up in the fridge, a selection of cold meats there too, there is soup, ravioli, noodles and pasta.  It will just be a case of 'come and get it....yourself'!!  Given that they range in age from 16 to 5 it is well within their capabilities to do so...I'll even go so far as to say that I am fostering that's gotta be good parenting hasn't it!

After the excitement of relaxed dinners subsided I realized that hubby's working nights also meant that the remote control was mine....all mine...hehehehe!!  What's the bet that I can't find anything decent to watch now that I have that freedom!

But it didn't take long before the realization set in that hubby working nights meant that he would be here in the mornings to witness what can only be referred to as our morning mayhem!  No amount of pre-planning seems to be able to eliminate morning disasters....there is always something...from a school shoe that went missing overnight to a library book that has vanished to a sick child...!!

Then I realized that hubby would also be here...all day...every day....for the whole week! Now once again don't get me wrong...I love hubby's days and there...when we go out to lunch or see a movie or go op shopping...but him being home every day...well it kinda cramps my style....coz to be honest I sometimes get a little bit caught up in the world of Facebook and Pinterest and Instagram...and pretty much anything else that lets me escape the daily grind of washing, cooking, cleaning, more washing, more cooking, more cleaning.  So with hubby being home I will be trying hard to emulate a 50's housewife.  I'll be washing the morning dishes whilst wearing my little apron, I'll be dusting and hoovering each day...all with my hair done and my lipstick applied.....haha that's never going to happen!!!!

Oh's only for like 5 can't be that hard to abstain from regular and repeated social media updates for 5 days now can it.....

5 days and counting hehe!  I really do love him though!!!

So tell me...which do you prefer...hubby home in the mornings, during the days, or at night?  Does your hubby cramp your at home alone style too?

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