Friday, 10 October 2014

Happy Birthday Dear Cat....Happy Birthday to you...

Last year our cat Oreo had to go to the vet for a check up and Miss 13 wanted her to have a Santa photo at the vet....Miss 16 decided that she wanted to come to watch Oreo have her photo taken and that was when it happened...

There in a cage at the vets was an 8 week old kitten for sale....and Miss 16 fell in love with her immediately.

Now pets were never really on the agenda and Oreo came along under the pretense that she would only be here until her owners found her a home....after a few weeks we knew that we had been sucked in there!!

A second cat was definitely not in the equation.  But Miss 16 begged and pleaded and presented her case to hubby and I and to my surprise hubby gave in....

So fast forward 10 months and according to Miss 16 today is Kikah's birthday...she is turning one...and yes Miss 16 made us sing Happy Birthday and then we had to watch Kikah open her presents....

 Kikah reading her card

Kikah opening her presents

Oh yay a ball with a bell inside so you can keep us awake all night when you play like crazy!

So there you have it....the birthday girl!!

By the way...we did get that Santa photo that we originally went to the vet for that day!!

Please tell me that we are not the only other people celebrate their pets birthdays too?


  1. This post made me laugh out loud. How lucky your cats are!I especially like Kikah reading her birthday cards:)

    1. Haha Jenny...glad it made you laugh!! They are two very spoilt cats! Hmm yeah I'm not too sure that Kikah was impressed with the whole thing lol !!!