Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Did somebody say "FIRE!!!!"

Well it was an eventful Thursday in our little word last week....

It started with Miss 15 coming down with a cold and sore throat on Wednesday   Sounds uneventful you may think...but Miss 15 coming down with anything soon resembles an academy award winning performance...complete with moans and sighs...the coughing and spluttering ...the writhing in agony....and it goes on...and on....and yes on.....  So Thursday saw Miss 15 staying home sick while Miss 4 and I popped out to do a few chores.

Miss 4 and I had just about finished our chores when my phone rang.  Seeing it was Miss 15 
I answered it, assuming it was one of her usual are you bringing yummy lunch home calls.  Turns out it wasn't one of those calls at all!!

Usually calm her voice on the other end of the phone was shaking and distressed and thanks to poor mobile reception it was also faint.  

"I don't know what happened....I was in the garage....then a bang.....and fire....."

So that was what I had to work with....with my head initially thinking the house was on fire I checked that a) she was okay and b) that she had called the fire brigade.  Check and check.  

So now that I knew she was safe and that the fire brigade was on the way I was able to establish that a car was on fire out the front of our neighbours house and that there was smoke and flames billowing into the sky.

The view from our front door

With that Miss 4 and I made our way home to half the street cordoned off by the police and the fire brigade having just gained control of the fire.  It seems a man had been driving his ute when a small amount of smoke came through the dash....less than 10 metres on his ute was filled with smoke so he has pulled over and jumped out and in minutes his ute was completely in flames.  Thankfully he and everyone in the area were safe and the fire was quickly under control.

The burnt out ute

Miss 15 relived and re-enacted the morning to everyone as they arrived home from school and work that day.  It was a huge shock for her to see how quickly the car went up in fire but I'm glad she has had the chance to have an encounter like this where she was in no imminent danger and she has had to process all of the information and make some quick decisions.  Seriously she usually can't decide between solo or fanta in under 10 minutes !!!

Then as if that wasn't enough action for one Thursday Miss 12 somehow managed to sew her finger at sewing lessons that night...eeeww gross !!!!  Now whilst she may not have been to the same school of acting as Miss 15 she sure gave it her best shot at an award..gold logie for most outstanding drama perhaps.....oh and I'll spare you the photos of this one !!!

Here's to a less eventful week this week....

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