Thursday, 16 May 2013

Tell Me Why I don't Like...Thursdays!!!

7.50am      drop Miss 15, Miss 13, Miss 12 to school
8.30am      drop Miss 8 to school
9.30am      leave for Miss 4's dancing lesson
10.00am    attempt a few errands with Miss 4 in tow
12.00pm    arrive home with little dignity in tact after attempting errands with Miss 4
12.30pm    prepare lunch for Miss 4 to refuse to eat
3.00pm      pick up Miss 8 from school
3.30pm      collect Miss 13 and Miss 12 from bus stop
3.35pm      arrive home provide afternoon tea and listen to the woes of everyones day
3.40pm      leave for afternoon activities
4.00pm      drop Miss 13 to art, drop Miss 12 to violin, pick up Miss 15 from after school stuff
4.20pm      drop Miss 15 off at a study session
4.45pm      pick up Miss 12 from violin 
5.00pm      arrive home provide quick meal to Miss 12
5.30pm      pick up Miss 15 from study session
6.00pm      pick up Miss 13 from art, drop Miss 12 to sewing, drop Miss 15 to drama 
6.20pm      arrive home and serve something edible to Miss 13, Miss 8 and Miss 4
6.45pm      hubby arrives home
6.50pm      I go to P&F meeting
8.45pm      leave P&F meeting 
9.00pm      pick up Miss 12 from sewing 
9.00pm      pick up Miss 15 from drama 
9.20pm      arrive home
9.25pm      collapse into bed 

Please inform me if I've left out a pick up or two there....don't want to have to go back to get anyone that I've forgotten!

So tell me again why don't I like Thursdays !!!!

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