Saturday, 11 May 2013

The World is My....TOILET ??

The world is my oyster...okay that I get.....
The world is my TOILET...okay that I don't get...
So when did it become acceptable for boys to pee outdoors......when public toilets are available within walking distance.....

Ok I have 5 daughters hence I know very little about raising fact I sometimes know very little about raising daughters.....but that's another subject lol !!!

But I just don't get it.....why can't the parents take their son to the toilet?  Umm that's what I do when my daughters need to go.  

I don't want to see little boys peeing behind a tree at the local netball or at the local park...there are toilets.....perfectly functional toilets....within walking distance.

See the image on the left is a PUBLIC TOILET.....the image on the right a TREE....not the same.

I will certainly think twice next time I am about to set up our family picnic in the shade of a lovely tree....

Feel free to enlighten me......


  1. Apparently where I live it is acceptable for adults, not just little boys to do it. It is disgusting. I understand if there are no toilets around, kids can't hold on generally. But if you are within walking distance to a public toilet and don't take you kids I think it is just revolting!

  2. Hi Aspiring Millionaire...thanks for stopping by. I too can appreciate the need if there are no toilets.....but like you, when there are toilets there and they are open and they are in walking distance then I can't see why people with little boys can't use them (and big boys too in your area !!!)