Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Cost of One Child Free Day Out.....

Hubby had a job cancelled at the last minute this time last week.

All the girls were in school and preschool.

So  despite the housework not having been done, the grocery shop being well overdue and  both of us having piles of paperwork to attend to we decided that our day would be best spent heading up the mountains to Katoomba.

I love a day trip to the Blue Mountains... love the chill in the air......love the autumn leaves.....love the excuse for a hot chocolate!

We had a brilliant day in the main street of Katoomba, and spent hours fossicking through antique shops with their endless treasures.  As a little memento of our day I bought a gorgeous old photo from one of the shops.  It is of a family or a group of friends on a day trip to  Katoomba.  I love it.....love the old car....love the fashions....just love it ....so I had to buy it...!!

So all in all we had a great day and returned just in time to pick the girls up....and ever since it feels like the universe has been making us pay for one solitary day out!!!  

Following this I have taken a trip to emergency with Miss 15.  She broke her wrist almost a year ago at soccer training and that was a saga in itself.  But in the last week she has somehow injured the same area again....rendering her arm useless for cutting her own food, washing her own plates, tying her own laces.....you get the idea.  So thankfully we were in and out of emergency in less than 2 hours (that would be a family record to date!!!)....x-rays taken and the bones are all still intact but possibly she has done ligament damage....so on a daily basis she insists that we inspect the bruising and endure the latest instalment of where it hurts most.

Then Miss 8 somehow injured her leg at netball training and was unable to set the table, do her homework, help with anything asked of her and was unable to go to school.  With some divine intervention she was able to play the game on Saturday but again the injury is seeming to be aggravated by the word 'chores' and also by the concept of 'tidy your room'.

And the day I had commitments to be at school running the second hand uniform sale Miss 4 awakes crying with a sore head that cannot endure any of the noise that her sisters were making yet seeming could endure the shouting that she was doing in telling them to be quiet. So a trip to the doctors and a bottle of antibiotics that she refuses to drink later she spent the day resting and dozing on the lounge with the company of every Mickey Mouse dvd ever produced...she is still not 100% but has bursts of her old self so she is on the mend.

In amongst all of that we had a cushion due for textiles and a mood board due for tech...both of which needing a mums nagging to get them completed....study for year 10 exams that again needed a mums nagging to get it happening.....and we had to visit a sick relative who thankfully was cheered up by our visit.

So it seems that the universe puts a pretty hefty price tag on one nice day out.......!!!

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