Friday, 10 May 2013

Mummy's just going to have a lay down......

In my world Friday afternoon is up there on a is like the pinnacle...the culminating point of success...when I get to 3.30pm Friday afternoon it is the peak....I've made it....

I have made it through another week of  the 200 metre school bus dash (the children running that is...not me!) when my wake up calls were not heeded, I have provided breakfasts, recesses and lunches and some days they even had some nutritional value, I have made it through the weeks dinners, I have made it to karate class, violin lessons, soccer training, netball training, dance lessons, art lessons, sewing lessons, swimming lessons and drama lessons.

So when 3.30pm Friday afternoon rolls around it is fair to say that I give up!!!  I don the indoors only tracksuit pants and jumper, on go the fluffy socks and tired old slippers.  Dinner is scrounged from left overs and the pantry and I settle in for some television viewing and tune out from the fact that I have to be at netball at 9am tomorrow!!!

But today my 3.30pm Friday afternoon came crashing down from its pedestal with one tiny phone call.....from my sister.

After an already exhausting week at primary school in which I had to prime Miss 4 for her kindergarten interview on Wednesday, where Thursday was spent wrapping Mother's Day gifts and today was spent at the Mother's Day stall being shop assistant to some 400 indecisive primary school children...I was ready to collapse as we walked in the door this afternoon.

Just as I was reaching to grab my trackies the phone sister with that 'can you do me a favour' voice.  Crash....bang.....3.30pm Friday all smashed up !!!!

Seems my niece had cut her hand in textile class with the nice sharp scissors and was in sick bay needing to be picked up and possibly taken for stitches.  So into the car I jump with all 5 kids in tow.  I arrive at the school and head in to collect my niece.  After a recount of the incident from the teacher and a visual of the cut (no-one told me I'd have to look at the injury!!)  it was decided that she needed to be taken to the doctor to have it glued....queue weak stomach....

So into the car and off to her local doctor... we all pile in to the doctor's surgery....myself, my niece and my five daughters  whose sheltered lives become extremely evident with the excitement that they are displaying over what they are considering to be an awesome adventure....not sure my niece feels the same!

An inspection of the cut confirms that it does require gluing....queue weak stomach again!  But all in all the cut is not too bad and should be healed in 7 days.

Into the car again, off to the chemist to buy dressings, into the car again, drop niece home, into the car again arrive home.

If you want to eat dinner....find it yourself.....I am going to crawl under my bed and lay in the foetal position for a little while !!!!!


  1. Amazing Blog !!


  2. Hi sunlightizm.....thanks for reading my ramblings !