Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Aaaah The Sweet Sound of Silence !!!!

So it is the first day of all 5 children being back at school/preschool after two weeks of school holidays.......

I am home alone.....and the silence truly is deafening!!  I adore silence....I really, really do.

There is no bickering in the background, there is no whinging, no crying, no shouting...there is no talking, no laughing, no loud footsteps, no music, no tv, no sound of the refrigerator door being opened every 5 minutes............I love silence !!!!!!!!!!

I have my old faithful tracksuit pants on and comfy slippers.....and I am resisting the urge to crawl back into bed after a tiring two weeks of being event planner, chauffeur, negotiator, peace keeper, chef, cleaner, tutor.....oh yeah and mum!

Sadly I have 2 weeks worth of chores to catch up on, bills to pay, paperwork to do, MYOB entry well overdue, after school activities to prepare for, dinner to plan, dishes to wash.......oh that list could go on and on......

But despite all that there is to do I will be enjoying the beautiful SILENCE !!!!! 

Until 3pm rolls around      :-(

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