Friday, 13 February 2015

Holy Shit....I'm an Old Fuddy Duddy..!!

So you know I realised that I am totally an old fuddy duddy.....who knew!

Do you know how I came about this realisation?  

Well today I had to take miss 6 to a specialist appointment and the waiting room was the same waiting room used by the pregnant women waiting for their antenatal appointments....  I surveyed the room whilst waiting the insane amount of time that you always wait for specialists despite the fact that you have an actual appointment!!  Anyways in doing so I decided {in my expert opinion} that the young couple, each playing on their phones for the entire duration of their wait, are far too young to be having a baby.  Yep I was able to tell this just by a quick glance from across the room.

And earlier this week I found it ridiculous that children in miss 6's year 1 class at school were attending the One Direction concert....seriously 6 year olds {and on a school night  to boot...oh crap only an old fuddy duddy would say 'to boot'!} Again in my expert opinion I think that kids are getting everything too soon, too early, too fast......seriously what is there to wait for when they grow up?  Oh no... old lady rant !!!

About two weeks ago was an unseasonably cold morning.....and do you know what I saw?   I saw a young mother take her small baby out with not so much as a bonnet on his head......are you as gobsmacked as I was?

Far out it's true isn't it....I'm a fuddy duddy....oh my gosh!!   When did this happen????  How did this happen???

Oh it's 8.00pm....time for bed.....'s undeniable isn't it!!!!!


  1. haha...great post Veronica. My Miss 14 can't understand why I won't let her go to see 50 Shades of Gray at the cinema. 'Everyone's going mum...I'll be the only one left out'. Now call me an old fuddy duddy...... And by the way, 6yr olds is waaaaay too young to be going to a 1D concert....on a school night or not! :)

  2. oh my gosh 50 shades of gray at 14.....yeah I totally wouldn't be letting my miss 14 go either!...and don't get me started on the 6 year olds again lol !!!!

  3. I realised I was an Old Fuddy Duddy when I told my new doctor I was old enough to be her mother...tragic I'm 46 years old.

  4. If you're an old fuddy duddy then I'm one too!! It's 9:30 and waay past my best time. Jx

    1. Oh no you've joined the old fuddy duddy club Jess!!

  5. I agree with everything you said! 6yr olds at a 1D concert? I don't think so. And yes, 14 is way too young for Mr Grey. We all get old and muddy dude eventually x