Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Would You...or Wouldn't You?

Miss 14 was bursting with news when she arrived home from school yesterday but she said she had to wait til Dad was home to hear it too...

In the meantime she wrote this to use as her presentation...

"My friend C has invited me to go to watch Manchester City play Real MELBOURNE!!!!!

When:  July...around 28th...or maybe 24th?
How long for:  2 or 3 days in total

Reason why you should say yes....
*  everything is tickets, accommodations, flights...yes that's right, all FREE, no money, zero dollars.  The only money I will need is for food.

*  There will be parental supervision at all times and not just 1 parent, but many because a lot of family and friends are going.  

Who is going?
C, her brother and me plus family friends and C's dad and his two friends

So in conclusion I would really love to go to this once in a life time opportunity and it would not only be fun but it would be very educational as I would be viewing a very popular and cool soccer game and staying in a hotel (with parental supervision at all times remember) and it would all be for FREE and the only money I would need would be for food.

I have agreed that if you (great parents) allow me to go to Melbourne (for FREE) I will attend every day of school no matter what.

So please can I go???"

The minute hubby walked in the door she hit us with her presentation and then stuck the paper up on the fridge as a constant reminder for us!

I think hubby was just in awe because he is soccer crazy and would love an opportunity to see these teams play. 

I on the other hand was thinking more clearly about the finer details...such as the fact that we don't really know these people very well......Miss 14 has been to 2 sleepovers there with a group of friends and I am aware that C lost her mother a few years ago to cancer so there is C and her two younger brothers and her dad...but that's all I really know about them.

This would be Miss 14's first time interstate though not her first time on a plane so she should be fine with the travel side of things.  And her sister did travel to Japan at around the same age with school, albeit with 3 female teachers!

So whilst I am bordering on being the overprotective mum let me ask you ....
would you or wouldn't you let your daughter go?  
What type of things would you want to know before committing
(eg sleeping arrangements!)?  


  1. Oooh that's a tricky one! I think if it were a really close friend whom we knew well, and we knew their family well we'd say yes. But I'd have to contribute some money because I'd feel weird ha ha! But if it's someone we didn't know well, then I'd probably hesitate. Is there any way you could maybe invite C and her Dad around for dinner one night? Bit of a get-to-know you/ suss you out kind of thing? And maybe chatting to Dad, and hearing the details of the trip from an adult might make the decision easier? Good luck! x

    1. Yeah I'd want to contribute some money too! C is just starting to play soccer with Miss 14 and hubby is their coach so hopefully he can meet C's dad and suss things about a bit !!

  2. I feel like I need to preface this by saying that I don't have kids, seems like there is plenty of time to get to know the family? Allay any fears or worries? I would think that it would be a bit easier once you had a better feel for them as people. and once you have that - then make a decision.

    1. Great advice Jen.....we do have time on our side to get to know them a bit better!

  3. Omg. I am so with you on that. It s terrible how they are growing so fast. I would say like sasha. Just call C s dad and discuss with him. Just to have some more details and after that you could think of it. I would also feel strange if the parents of my daughter s friend pay for everything. You need some more d├ętails before making up a decision. Tell us what you decide. Xx cathy

    1. Thanks Cathy....definitely more information needed at our end and meeting with the dad would help things too!

  4. That is tricky! I would be inclined to let her go if I could get to know the other adults going before hand. But then again how well can you get to know someone in a few short months. And yes, I would want to contribute some more money as well towards the trip. Good luck x

  5. Yep we will work on trying to get to know them a little and then see how we feel. And yes we would contribute money too...feels a bit awkward otherwise doesn't it!