Monday, 2 February 2015

And Now The Birthdays Begin....

So we've just gotten through the Christmas and New Year celebrations, survived 6 weeks of school holidays and have fallen back into the back to school routines....

.....and now the birthdays begin!!

First up in our household we have Miss 13...two more sleeps and she will be 14!!  And just in case you weren't sure what to buy her...problem solved...she has created a Birthday Board over on the girls pinterest account!

So if you want to know what 13-14 year old girls are into and what presents they would like then check out her board here....

If you want to see what she is actually getting then read on!

I picked up this cute little bird ornament from Kmart for $4.00 this will match her room well....

Every so often she has a fitness craze where she adds fruit to her water so I saw this water bottle that opens in the middle which will make it a lot easier to add the fruit...and to wash the bottle...

At 14 I let the girls have a little bit of here's a few bits and pieces for her....

She loves nail art so I picked up this nail art book and tools from Sportsgirl and some nail polishes from Gloss....

And last but not least a replica Kartel storage unit from Kmart for $35 that she can use as bedside storage...

So hopefully she'll be happy with her gifts...even if none of them are from here pinterest board!!

Do you have birthdays rolling around already in your household?  Does they come thick and fast or are they spread out across the year??


  1. How good is Kmart!! So many great buys are being posted it is making me want to shop!! :) Gotta love a girl who is organised.

    1. Yes I am totally loving Kmart at the moment!

  2. I love K-Mart too! You have just reminded me though, that I bought one of those drink bottles and haven't used it yet!! Off to have a drink of flavoured water.....hhaha!

    1. enjoy your flavoured water lol !!!

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