Wednesday, 18 February 2015

10 Things I Am Grateful For Right Now....

Yesterday I was reading a post from Jess over at A Little Part Of The World ..... {you should totally pop over and check out her blog!}  ....the post was 10 things she was grateful for that week.....{you can read it here}

At the end of her post Jess invited readers to join her by sharing 10 things they were grateful for.  Sometimes with all of the rushing and chaos that is life here my grateful-ness can be a bit neglected.  It is so easy to focus on the things that aren't going right, all the stuff that's not fair or not going to as a little medicine for my soul  I decided to jump on board and share with you 10 things I am grateful for this week.

Here goes....

being a stay at home mum......yesterday miss 6 was home 'sick'...yep you know the kind of sick that gets better at about 9.10am.....yeah that sick.  And whilst I had to change a few things around since she was home it wasn't really a big deal because I am a stay at home mum and that is what I am here for.  Being on a single income with 5 children isn't easy but it's what we have chosen so that I can be at home for the girls so we may not have a large house or the latest model car etc.. but I am here for them if and when they are sick, I am at school for them when there are things on and I am home for them each afternoon.

hubby.....because every day he gets up and goes to work to provide for us.....what should be a 50 minute trip to the city becomes a 2 hour bumper to bumper struggle most mornings, and evenings are not much better.  He comes home exhausted everyday but still listens to all of our useless stories lol !!

blogging.....because it is like my own little space...a little place where I can meet others, share bits and pieces and the kids can't find me there!!

uninterrupted sleep.....the girls have always been pretty good sleepers, generally sleeping through of a  night from about 8 months of age....and it is only if they are sick now that I might be met with an interrupted sleep...but touch wood that hasn't happened for a while and I am feeling all the better for it! {Hang in those of you who are not there will come!!}

sisters.....last week I caught up with my 3 sisters for a lovely lunch...this doesn't happen nearly as much as it should due to everyone's busy schedules but perhaps that makes it all the more special when it does happen!

chocolate......because a girls gotta have a vice right....and chocolate just seems to make those less than harmonious days a little bit brighter

sat nav systems......because last night I had to take Miss 17 to a work placement meeting and we had been warned that the organsiers of the meeting were less than tolerant with late thanks to hubby's trusty sat nav we got there on time and cool, calm and collected!!  Now fingers crossed that she gets offered a position......

frangipanis.....because we have three frangipani trees growing right outside our kitchen window and looking at them whilst preparing meals distracts me from the mess that is our backyard.....the place that time never seems to let us get to!

teachers.....this year my daughters have lovely teachers and it makes their learning so much more enjoyable and their days so much more fun.

health....we have the usual coughs and colds, the tummy bugs here and there, we've had a few broken bones, one case of appendicitis and some troubling migraines but we are so lucky compared to so many others

So there you have my 10 things that I have been grateful for this week....and this has been a wonderful process to stop and think about these things, to appreciate them and to be grateful for thanks to Jess for sharing her thoughts with us and encouraging us to do the same!

Let's keep the process going...tell me something you are grateful for this week....


  1. Veronica THANK YOU so much for joining in with The Grateful 10. I so pleased very please you did. This is a wonderful list of things to be grateful for. I am with you on the Chocolate. Frangipanis are so wonderful. I would be lost (literally!!) without my Sat Nav at times. I am with you on all of this list. Have a great week and thanks again for joining in. Jx

  2. I too am feeling very grateful of my husband. He is being super awesome looking after the household at the moment. The fella can step up and carry us all. x

    1. Naaww your hubby is the sweetest Karin! Congrats on your gorgeous new little girl xx

  3. I am jealous of the frangipanis! A couple of years ago, I had two lovely small plants on my front porch, but they didn't survive our freak winter freeze. I've been hinting strongly to the Husband that he needs to get me some new ones ;)

  4. Oh Jen frangipanis are beautiful aren't they... I hope hubby gets the hint!!!

  5. Oh un-broken sleep! Quite possibly the best thing EVER! Great list!