Friday, 28 November 2014

4 weeks til Christmas

Oh my gosh that is so me....I need to get some serious shopping done !!!!!!

Less than 4 weeks til we go on holidays....and currently no planning or packing has been done...I work well under pressure so will probably get onto this the day before we go!!

And only 4 weeks til Christmas and I have only just made some Christmas present purchases...still so much to do!!!!!

The girls are writing their lists for Santa this weekend so that should give me some direction.....I hope!!  And yes, they all still write lists lol !!!

This week I hit the shops and came home with some beach towels and beach bag for some friends....and I've got to say I was pretty impressed with myself because they were all on sale!!!

But my favourite purchase this week is this Selfies is totally my Miss iPhone is overloaded with her selfies!!  And just for a laugh I bought her a selfie stick too!

The Selfies book is like a baby brag book/photo album designed just for your selfies.  Here's a look at a few pages....

 'Me'   'Me again'

 'Looking cute'    '#nofilter'

'In the mirror'    'Moi!'

Excuse the poor photography but I was trying to hide from everybody which is not easy in this house!!

Hubby thought this was such a classic present for Miss 13......I can't wait for Christmas day to see her face!!!

I bought this book for $24.95 from WOW Designer Giftware in Rouse can check out their Facebook page here.... be warned...they have so many awesome gifts!!   I could have stayed in there for hours!

I get a little over excited when I find such a good present!! So now I am one awesome present down...but still so many more to go!!

How's your Christmas shopping going?  What great gifts have you found this year?

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