Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Christmas Gift Guide for Teachers

Eeeek ...keep calm....I don't think I can!!  The weeks are disappearing so quickly!!

This week for my countdown I am putting our beach holiday aside for a minute and focusing on teachers gifts ....mostly female gifts (coz we do girl stuff pretty well around here!!) .....but I will try to throw in one or two male gifts....I really need to get my teacher gifts sorted!!

So here are a few of my favourite things to buy for teachers...

A few years ago I stumbled upon Shack Stuff at a local market.  I fell in love with their stuff instantly...and of course I couldn't leave without can check out my first purchase from them here and you can check out their website here and their facebook page here.  One of my favourite things from their range for a teachers gift are their memo boards.  These are the most gorgeous memo boards you will ever see and they are made with so much care and attention to detail.  These memo boards feature a calico background with a hand sewn motif in a timber frame with glass.  You can use a non permanent  marker to write on these but I particularly love using the chalk marker that you can buy from Shack Stuff and they come in a variety of colours too.  We have bought a variety of these for teachers of the last few years and they look great with a handwritten Christmas message on them from the girls...and it lets's the teacher know what they are for too!  These are great value for a handmade item with the smaller ones $20 and the A3 size $30.  From Shack Stuff you will also find beautiful magnet boards, wooden trays and glass jars that make stunning displays...and a whole lot more!  Haha can you tell I am a little bit obsessed!!

You can't go wrong if you do your teacher gift shopping at Kikki K...well I'd love it if I was a teacher!!!!!  I love these 2015 diaries for $ can check out the range here...

I also love Kikki K's Thankful Journal gift pack...and they are great value at only $19.95...take a look at them here.  In the pack you get a Thankful Journal, a pen and a mini card and envelope set.

Your teacher might love this Hanging Wall Storage from Typo...check it out here... perfect for getting organised in the classroom...or at  home....hmmm I could really use one of these myself!  Good value...currently on sale for $19.95...gotta love a sale!!

A great gift for the preschool teacher or perhaps kindergarten teacher are these range of stickers from can check out their website here  You can get your teachers name printed on these stickers which make them so adorable!  And these are perfect for male and female teachers.

Another gift perfect for both male and female teachers are these personalised notepads from LivLoveCruz on can check out their shop here.  You get 2 notepads for $10 USD and each has 40 even get to choose the font type and ink olour!

My tip is to get to know your chids' teacher a little...if they are going on a trip in the holidays then perhaps you can buy them a travel journal like this one from Typo... or you could pick up some travel accessories at Kathmandu.

If they've had a stressful year then maybe a little pamper pack from The Body Shop to treat themselves.

If you are still stuck for ideas then maybe a movie voucher or a voucher from a local gift store or craft shop.  And if all else fails....chocolates...who doesn't love chocolate !!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you buy for your childs' teachers?  Is there anything above that takes your fancy??


  1. Oh some awesome ideas here! Thank you. I LOVE those memo boards! I'm trying to think of something a little different for my little lady's pre-school teacher so I'm going to check some of these out!! I normally bake gifts. And last year I got them all a really cute Xmas tree decoration from Witchery to go with some baked goodies and a candle to relax. Worked a treat!

  2. Glad you like these ideas Sasha...the memo boards are so gorgeous!! I love a handmade or baked gift for teachers too (when time permits!!)...yours sounds lovely!