Saturday, 15 November 2014

Easy To Make Christmas Gift Idea...

With only 6 weeks til Christmas it is a good time to get working on your handmade Christmas gifts.

I saw these cute Christmas mugs when I was doing my grocery shopping and  I couldn't resist buying one of each...okay so it was 4 of each...but hey they are so cute!!!!

Everything I needed for this project was easy to find...I bought my supplies at my local Woolworths store...

Here's what you will need...

Coffee Mugs
·        Hot Chocolate sachets
·        Marshmallows
·        Chocolate biscuits (individually packaged works well)
·        Plastic spoons
·        Baking paper
·        Chocolate melts
·        Cellophane

·        Ribbon

Step 1
Collect all of your supplies together

Step 2
Lay out your plastic spoons on some baking paper.  Ensure that they are as level as possible.  Melt your chocolate.  You could use any chocolate that you like such as white chocolate or dark chocolate…I have used milk chocolate here.

Step 3
Fill your spoons with the melted chocolate…do not overfill!  You could use a piping bag for this step or simply spoon the chocolate into your plastic spoons.  Tap your spoons gently to make sure there are no air bubbles and to help the chocolate spread.  Pop your spoons into the refrigerator.

Step 4
While your spoons are setting in the fridge you can divide up your marshmallows into little packages and tie them up in cellophane using curling ribbon.

Step 5
Once your spoons are set you can wrap them also using cellophane and curling ribbon.

Step 6
Fill your mugs with one chocolate spoon, one hot chocolate sachet, one individually wrapped chocolate biscuit and the marshmallows.  Then wrap with cellophane and your gift is ready to give.

So easy to do and these look great!  They would make a great gift for pre-school teachers, swimming teachers, neighbours etc...


  1. Brilliant idea! and something i think everyone would love and so easy!

  2. They are great, what a terrific idea!! Thanks for the inspiration!! You should come and link them up on my Stumble Upon linky thats running, Lot's of people would love them!!

    1. Hi Mandy....thank you !! I'd love to link them...but the question is how do I do that...technically challenged mum here lol !!!

  3. What a gorgeous idea, you've made it look so easy.

    1. Thank you Vicki....they are so quick and easy but look super cute!!

  4. These are fantastic! They're on my list now!