Tuesday, 4 November 2014

6 Years Ago Today...

Six years ago today hubby and I had planned to sit back, put our feet up and enjoy a day of racing on the tv...maybe even pick the Melbourne Cup winner  It was going to be our last chance for a restful day before bub number 5 came along in two weeks time.

Hubby arranged to take the girls to school so that I could have a sleep in...gotta love that man!  

6am came around, I got up to go to the loo...as you do when you are 38 weeks pregnant!! Then I returned to bed to make the most of this sleepin...god knows it would probably be the last for quite some time!!  For fear of telling you too much information I couldn't get back to sleep due to a weird 'trickling'...down there :-0

Eventually I got up and decided to have a shower.  I suspected that this baby was not going to wait til her due date....now to break the news to hubby that his day of relaxation might be slightly interrupted!!

When he got back from school drop off I mentioned the possibility...his first question was would we still be home for the Melbourne Cup...haha isn't he adorable!  Rethinking his comment he then asked if there was a tv or radio at the hospital...better question darling!!

Even though this was bub number 5 I was pretty confident that we had a fair bit of time up our sleeves...let's just say that I will never be the mum caught out giving birth on the side of the road because it all happened so quickly that she couldn't make it to hospital....long labours here!

Around lunch time we called my sister to come over and mind the then miss 4 and to pick up the other girls after school.  With regular contractions we went to the hospital around 1pm. And once checked in and settled into my room..well then it all slowed down didn't it!  But it was confirmed that that mystery 'trickling' in the morning was probably my waters so things were underway...slowly!

Well let's cut a long story short and just skip a lot of monitoring and checking and jump a few hours ahead to when I decided an epidural would be advantageous!  After it was all administered the midwife came in and said that this baby was ready to come....it was about 9pm by this time!!  At this point she said that we'd wait until the epidural wore off to start pushing...what the..??!  Wait for the pain relief to wear off then push....no, no,no....I think I'll start pushing now thanks!

I remember the anesthetist saying that the epidural would wear off in about 50 minutes...so I was determined to push this bub out within that time frame!!  I watched the clock continuously!

So approx. 10pm that night...bub number 5 was born...two weeks before her due date but definitely not in too much of a hurry that day!!

Now I might not be able to tell you her exact weight or length at birth...but I can tell you that the Melbourne Cup winner that day was Number 10...viewed!!

Now this is the part where I should have a beautiful newborn image of my now miss 6, perhaps a collage of cute moments over the last six years...but yeah when I say I am disorganized...I mean it lol !!!  So watch this space...maybe I will come back and update it with a photo...hopefully before she turns 7 lol !!

But here is a picture of the birthday girl this morning !!

Happy Birthday Miss 6!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh how gorgeous is she!! Happy birthday to your littlest lady! And what a great day to be born, she'll always have cute hats marking her special day! x

    1. Thank you Sasha... I can't believe she is 6 already! I think she is way cute lol !! And yes what a special day to be born..!! Thanks for stopping by!

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