Monday, 1 December 2014

Argh Schoolies!!!!

Okay so do you want to know one thing that scares me more than Wet n Wild (you can read about that crazy phobia here) is SCHOOLIES.......aaarggghh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you familiar with is generally considered by year 12 students as their rite of passage as they descend on Surfers Paradise, and other locations, to begin their ultimate summer vacation with friends before starting their post school lives.

Sounds okay in theory hey!

But to me as a mum that translates to something like letting your daughter travel some 850 kilometers from home to spend a week of days at the beach and nights at parties fueled by alcohol and possibly drugs and attended by thousands of virile young men with no parental supervision!!

Now it is not sounding so good hey!

I dread the day that one of the girls tells us she wants to go to schoolies week....I dread it so much that I may have to ground each of them once their final HSC exams are done!

I will hope and pray...and even bribe them not to go if I have to !!!!

I can trust my girls to the moon and back but that doesn't remove all possibility of something terrible happening to them....and when you put tens of thousands of teenagers together, throw in alcohol, testosterone, mind altering substances...well then you have one 'shit scared' mumma sitting at home counting down the days, minutes, hours, seconds until her child returns home safely....and if you have multiple children then you face it all again a few years later.

So I don't mean to rain on your parade schoolies....I just don't want my kiddies to go to the parade!!!!

Argh it's gunna be hard to let go one day!!!!  Are you a fan of schoolies?  Did you go and survive to tell the tale??


  1. I don't want my kiddies at that parade either Veronica!! EEEKKK!!

  2. Scary thought isn't it Sally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!