Sunday, 23 November 2014

5 weeks til Christmas !!

Well Christmas is well and truly on the way...only 5 weeks to go....I've gotta admit I'm a little freaked out now!!  Still so much Christmas shopping to do....well in fact nearly all of it still to do!!  Pressies to be wrapped, menu to be prepared....oh and then there's the packing for our holiday!!!!

It is knowing that in just under 5 weeks from now that I will be looking out at this view for a week that is keeping me going with the school uniform washing, blouse ironing, lunch making....the Christmas concerts, the hot food day, my canteen duties, the homework, ALL OF IT!!!!!!!!

I think I'll have to make this beach pic my phone screen saver for the next few weeks to help get me by!

So this week I am a little bit focused on holidays....I saw this car seat organiser and thought that it would be great for Miss 6 to keep her entertained on the drive...even though it is only an hour and a half to our holiday destination.  In fact the amount of time that we spend in the car some weeks this would come in handy all year round.  I know a few friends with kids for whom this would make a great Christmas present!

Now since we are off to the beach for a few weeks swimwear is in order!  I love these rash vests from Sunuva in the UK....I love that they are long sleeves as I am one of those over protective mums at the beach...pretty insistent on the slip,slop, slap kind of thing!  I also love them because they are such bright colours...and when you are trying to keep track of five children at the beach or pool bright is good!

Now I am thinking that hubby and I might need to invest in two of these!!  Looks like a comfy way to supervise the kiddies...even has a drink holder and adjusts to multiple be careful not to nap on the job!

I am so looking forward to holidays....and Christmas !!!!

Are you getting excited about Christmas getting closer....or are you just getting freaked me !!!


  1. Such a good idea about the car organiser - I need to invest in one of these before we drive to Melbourne. Good point too about the bright coloured rashies. My kids have blue and pink and it all blends in together

    1. Oh I think a car organizer would be a must for that trip Michelle!