Monday, 3 November 2014

The Race that Stops the Nation....

Yes tomorrow is the big day....'the race that stops the nation".  I will admit that I do love the Melbourne Cup...hubby tries to take the day off work when he can and we spend the day watching the races and eating cheese and crackers!!  So much better than housework!!

I love the feel, the atmosphere, the excitement, the fashions, the horses.....albeit all through my television screen!!

You could study the form guide for hours and still have no idea which horse to back...or is that just me!!??  So that takes me to the million dollar do you go about picking your horse?

Well here's a few methods that might bring you some luck in the big race...


If you don't have a lucky number of your own then saddle cloth numbers 4 and 12 have been the luckiest over the history of the cup.  So perhaps Red Cadeaux or Who Shot The Barman are in with a chance this year!


Most often the Cup has been won by a jockey wearing blue, followed by black and then yellow/gold.

So perhaps there is a good chance for Admire Rakti whose jockey Zac Purton will be wearing blue tomorrow!!


It seems that Bay coloured horses are most likely to win the Cup, probably because that is the most common colour of horse!   This is then followed by brown and chestnut.
Did you know that there have only been six grey horses to win the perhaps it is Fawkners time to shine tomorrow!!


If your horse has drawn barrier 5 or 11 then perhaps you are in with a chance as these barriers have produced the most Cup winners.  So Unchain My Heart and Protectionist might have a dream run!

If your horse has drawn barrier 18...then my condolences!!  No horses have won from barrier 18 to date...!! 


Only 3 horses have won at 3 figure odds with the last time being in just maybe we are due for a big win!  So although the lady at the TAB might give a chuckle when you put your money down on Mr O'Ceirin, it will be you laughing all the way to the bank if he somehow manages to "do a Bradbury"....never say never !!

And if all that fails then I guess there is eenie meenie miney mo !!

Here are my current picks...though there is still plenty of time to change my mind lol !!

#8     Junoob....because it's a funny name!
#3     Fawkner....go grey horse!!
#17   Mr O'Ceirin....because he is currently 201/1 and if he won we could go out to dinner!!
#10   Gatewood....because tomorrow is my daughters birthday and on that day 6 years ago            #10 won the cup!
#1     Admire Rakti....because everybody is talking him and I don't want to miss out!!

So yeah as you can see I have really put some serious thought into my selections !!!!!

Do you love or loathe the Melbourne Cup?  Do you use any of the methods above to choose your horse?  Would you care to share your hot tips?

The information above was obtained from the following websites
and is all just a bit of fun.  Make sure you gamble responsibly.

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