Friday, 24 April 2015

When Your Hubby Is A Tradie....

This week hubby had a few days with no work so we took the chance to sit down while all the girls were at school and try to put a plan in place for the next few months in terms of things to do around the house, projects to complete, others to start etc..  With less sunlight hours and the start of Saturday netball and Sunday soccer we needed to come up with a plan or the next few months would pass by in a blur!

Armed with pen and paper we were each making notes along the way like when we would start particular projects, what we would need to do them, some of the costs etc..

Well before I knew it hubby was insisting that we download a project planner like those used on site projects and start entering all of the stuff in there...holy crap! Always the tradie lol !!

What felt like an eternity was spent breaking down tasks, entering planned start dates, planned durations, expected finish dates, reorganizing activities....until eventually we had everything entered in the project planner.

And now it is hanging in the hallway with my next twelve weeks look something like this.....

Yeah I'm not sure what it all means  either !!  But apparently each week I have to update my actual start date, actual duration, percentage complete.  And in theory we will have a whole heap of projects completed by the end of July!

Stay tuned to see if the project planner works....or if all the tasks just get pushed later and later on the planner like they do in reality on the sites hubby works on!!

Tell me, do projects ever get completed at your house...
or is it more like our place where projects only ever reach about 85% completion!!


  1. I admire his organisation! Lol! I think it'll work out awesomely to plan out like that once it's all set in motion! Good luck! x

  2. Yes he is not usually that organised Sasha!! Well that project planner starts from now so let's hope that in 12 weeks time we have a lot ticked off the list!

  3. I do love a list, if I write it down at least some of the things get done, it works well for my tradie guy too, I must say they don't all get done, but it definately helps. The planner sounds like an awesome plan, I hope you get all of these done, it's such a great feeling in the end. Bring on July!

    1. Yes I totally agree that more gets done if you write it down Lisa!! Here's hoping we get through it all!!!