Thursday, 16 April 2015

Every Single Time

My eldest daughter is in Year 12.....that means I am in my 13th year of being a school mum. And do you know what??

Even after all of these years I still {stupidly} think that I will get so much done in the school holidays......EVERY.SINGLE.TIME !!!!

As the holidays approach I start to think about all of the cleaning and sorting, the culling and re-organizing that I can do in the break.  I anticipate the baking that I will do, the homemade school lunches and snacks that will fill the freezer.  I get hopeful, enthusiastic, eeek even a tad excited!

Then the holidays arrive and I say I'll give myself a few days just to ease into things, you know give myself a well deserved rest for surviving some 10-11 weeks of school.....all that lunch preparation, afternoon snacks, uniform washing and ironing, the early morning kid wrangling!!  This little rest very quickly turns into a much loved pattern of late night television viewing followed by cosy morning sleep ins.  This pattern goes on way too long, to the point where I have to get myself to snap out of it before school goes back!!

The last few days of the holidays I almost manage to get productive....almost. But hey it's basically too late now so I might as well just rest for these last few days before the mayhem of school starts again right?  After all I'll be needing my strength to get through the new term.

So what at times in the previous fortnight felt like an eternity now feels like the blink of an eye!  The school holidays are over and lo and behold I have done absolutely nothing that I intended to do.

Sunday afternoon sees a desperate search of the house for school shoes and library book...{hmm if we'd actually cleaned up the girls rooms in the holidays like I had intended to do this wouldn't be happening now!} Crap did anyone have homework they had to do.....where the heck is their homework book?? Sunday night sees a last minute dash to the supermarket to grab lunch box food as that intended bake off never happened.

School goes back and we fall straight back into the routine of lunches and uniforms, homework and assignments, then some 9 weeks later my thoughts turn to the upcoming school holidays and once again I envisage how much I will be able to get done.....all of the cleaning and sorting, the culling and re-organizing, all of that baking and cooking.....


So tell me....are you productive with your school holidays or 
do you take advantage of the time to rest (like me lol !!)


  1. Nope! I'm not productive in the least! I pretend I will be, but I never am!

    (also, totally not sure what my logon details are here!)